"The Next Great Bargain Hotspot" For Adventure-Seeking Aussies is Vietnam…

Where You Can Enjoy Life to the Fullest in a Big City… UNESCO Beach Town…or Tree-Lined Boulevard… On as Little as $1,137 a Month!

NOW is the time to go!

"…a pulsating, spirited destination able not just to compete, but to surpass its peers in the region."

"…it'll have first-timers wondering why they never made the trip out before…"


Dear International Living Australia Reader,

Step off the plane in tropical Vietnam after a short, easy flight from Australia, and you'll quickly find out why a fast-growing number of Aussies now call this once-overlooked nation "The Next Great Bargain Hotspot."

And in just a moment, I'll "spill the beans" on how YOU can make Vietnam YOUR new part-time or full-time home…

…and start living LARGE on as little as $1,137 a month—all-in!

But first…what makes Vietnam so appealing?

For starters, it has:

Prices 35%-90% Less Than In Australia

It's no secret that the cost of living in Australia leaves a lot to be desired. Especially if you're thinking about retiring soon—and need to keep an eye on your savings.

Well, you'll worry about your finances a whole lot less (if at all) once you start living here.

Examples of some of the cheap prices you'll find in Vietnam include:

Big City Living…and a Beach Home for $417 a Month

You'll find no shortage of super-comfortable and surprisingly-affordable real estate options there.

What's more, with the right help, it's easy to find your ideal place to stay as well.

Here you can rent properties like:

Plus, you'll find…

Virtually Endless Opportunities For Adventure

No matter what your passion may be, you'll find plenty of fun and exciting things to do here AND keep yourself busy.

You'll get the opportunity to:

The Next Great Bargain Hotspot: All This Is Only For Starters!

Yes, Vietnam really has so much going for it RIGHT NOW:

And it's STILL relatively undiscovered…for now!

Take all this into consideration and it's not hard to understand why many industry "insiders" believe that Vietnam—with everything it now has going for it—is poised to boom on the international tourism scene.

"…a persuasive combination of cheap prices, cheap airfares, quality hotels and diverse experiences to add to its reputation for having some of the most welcoming people in the world."

"…many in the industry say it is the destination du jour."


A Warm, Sunny And Exciting Place For Aussies To Live Life Large On The Cheap!

Vietnam has sure come a long, long way…

Just think…a few decades ago, Vietnam was STILL recovering from one of the most atrocious, costly, and drawn-out wars in modern history.

And unfortunately, the war in Vietnam wound up stigmatizing the country as an "unsafe" and "unfit" place to visit for a long, long time…

But a lot has changed since the war officially ended in 1975.

Today, over four decades later, Vietnam has not only risen from the ashes of its war-torn past…

…but it's fast become one of the hottest places in the world for people of all ages—and all nationalities—to visit…to do business…to live…to earn income…and even to retire in style on the cheap.

"The Second Happiest Country In The World"

According to the Happy Planet Index (HPI), which rates 151 countries around the world in terms of their residents' happiness, Vietnam placed second in the world—only behind Costa Rica. Vietnam's HPI score reflects a high life expectancy, middle levels of well-being, and a low ecological footprint.

And today, a fast-growing number of Aussies are discovering just how good life can be in today's Vietnam.

Have a look…

"Every day is different and beautiful and fascinating…I can't see us leaving anytime soon."

Aussie Maria Ness spent many years working in the hospitality industry back in Australia.

And her work kept her very busy most of the year.

However, in 2010, she found the time to take three months off with her husband Garry and their two children to the lovely seaside town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Little did she know, that trip to Vietnam would change her life forever.

That's because Maria used to believe striking out on her own and starting her own business "was always a dream that I never thought possible in the Western world."

But when she discovered Vietnam's lower costs, both for upfront investments and to maintain a staff and space, her dream of running her own business could become a reality.

So Maria and her husband opened "The Dingo Deli"—a Hoi An institution for six years running that caters to expats and the many travellers that visit Hoi An.

Whilst she's had to recruit staff to handle the in-house cooking and baking, even her most skilled employees are happy with a wage far less than she'd pay in Australia.

What's more, lower business operating costs allow them to rent a three-story family home with a pool. On top of all this, Maria and Garry can afford a cleaner, something that they never had in Australia.

Maria and Garry's children have benefited from the move also. "Teenagers are so innocent here," she says. "I love that my children can't hang out at shopping centres. They have complete confidence in themselves and have had the chance to figure out who they are. And they have developed such a love of learning."

When Maria isn't working, she enjoys riding her scooter out of town, and once did a six-day road trip with her niece up the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

"Vietnam is cool because it's still ancient in so many ways," says Maria. "Every day is different and beautiful and fascinating…I can't see us leaving anytime soon."

NOTE: Hoi An is world-famous for its numerous tailor shops. Here you can get a high-end suit or dress tailor-made for a tiny fraction of the price you'd pay back home. And the quality is usually outstanding!

"It's exciting to be here and watch it happen."

Sarah Newman and her husband Terry were 44 and 49 when they left Australia back in 2010.

And at the time, they had a plan to travel for a year and work for a year.

Well…at least that was the plan!

As it turns out, six years (and many adventures) later, they're now "semi-retired" and "living the dream" as well-paid English teachers in thriving Ho Chi Minh City.

"I teach about 17 hours a week and earn about $2,000 a month," Sarah says. "Terry has slightly less experience and earns around the same for a few more hours. We live well and still manage to save all his salary."

But the big bonus for Sarah and Terry is the amount of free time they have to pursue personal interests.

Sarah is writing books, building a freelance writing business and running two websites. And Terry is busy planning their next adventure.

Right now, Sara and Terry live in a spacious, modern two-bedroom, fully-furnished, air-conditioned apartment in a quiet, secure neighbourhood.

Their apartment is within walking distance to the city centre and includes Pay TV, Wi-Fi, a cleaner two days a week, a gym, and secure motorbike parking.

And their rent is less than $900 a month!

But it's not just rent that's cheap in HCMC…

Food and transport are also surprisingly affordable—especially when compared to Aussie prices.

For example, Sarah and Terry like to treat themselves at least a few times a week, and usually pay less than $30 for a nice meal for two—including a few drinks—at a nice restaurant.

A cinema ticket costs them $6 each.

And a taxi across town is rarely more than $4 to $6.

And on top of all this, Sarah and Terry have found making new friends in HCMC to be very, very easy.

"We've found people from HCMC to be open and welcoming and have made many new friends," says Sarah. "A thriving expat community creates plenty of opportunities to socialise."

"It's exciting to be here and watch it happen."

NOTE: Demand for English teachers in Ho Chi Minh City is huge these days. So if you're interested in making a few extra dollars on the side (or a whole lot more) teaching English a few hours per week, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better place than HCMC at the moment!

"The air is clean, it's beautiful and it's relaxed. It's a wonderful place to live."

Laura Chambers first travelled to Vietnam from her home base of Port Macquarie back in 2005.

And once she stepped foot in the laid-back mountain town of Dalat, Vietnam's "City of Eternal Spring" she fell in love with it immediately.

"I discovered Dalat by chance. A friend and I were traveling south and she suggested that we go up to Dalat as we wanted to see something of the highlands. I fell in love with the town and thought that I would like to try living there for a while."

"I put a picture of it on my screensaver for a year while I planned how to do it! The area is full of pine trees, lakes and fields and it felt familiar to me. I had decided to take a six-month sabbatical from my job, and I ended up staying in Dalat for three years."

Laura went back to her job in Australia in 2007. But she missed Dalat so much, she returned in 2011.

"When I returned to Australia, I felt as if I was just filling in time before I could return. It was very hard to settle back into that life."

These days, Laura is enjoying all the perks of Dalat's chilled-out, relaxed, affordable mountain lifestyle, and even runs a café called "One More Café" which offers espresso coffee, cold drinks, homemade cakes, biscuits and desserts, tasty snacks and free Wi-Fi to her customers.

Laura's cost-of-living—like most other Aussie expats in Vietnam—is remarkably low when compared to Australia prices.

"I'd say that my average monthly budget is less than $1,318, including rent, utilities and all incidental expenses. Services are really cheap, and my motorbike uses hardly any gas," says Laura.

"I rent a fully-furnished, hilltop villa for $791 a month. And when I eat local food, I can get a good meal for a dollar or two."

Laura estimates there are around 200 Westerners living in Dalat, including about 10 Aussies—and she has an active social life there.

She's also found that communicating with locals is rather easy and pleasant, too.

"Dalat is really an easy place to live. The local people are country people, and they are very helpful. I find them to be very generous and hospitable."

"The air is clean, it's beautiful and it's relaxed. It's a wonderful place to live."

NOTE: If you ever go to Dalat, make sure to try the locally-grown strawberries. They're super cheap there…and the sweet taste is out of this world!

YOU Can Enjoy A Wonderfully Affordable Lifestyle In Today's Vietnam, Too—On As Little As $1,137 A Month!

Vietnam is an easy place to move to and get just about everything you need sorted (especially with the right help) from the moment you arrive.

And once you're all set up in Vietnam, you'll find—just like our many friends in Vietnam now—that the overall cost-of-living is very, very low.

In fact, Wendy Justice, a full-time expat in the costal city of Da Nang—estimates that a couple can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the booming beach town of Nha Trang, Vietnam on as little as $1,137 a month!

Have a look:

Apartment Rental (one bedroom) $464
Electricity $79.50
Water $2.65
Mobile Phone with Unlimited Data $4
Gas for cooking $2.65
Fibre-optic Internet Access $14.60
Pay TV $6.60
Housekeeper (four hours a week) $53
Transportation (motorbike rental and petrol) $79.50
Groceries $99.40
Entertainment (eating out 5x/week) $331.30
Monthly Total: $1,137.20

So if you want to live WELL while spending much, much LESS than you probably are right now, Vietnam is the kind of place where you KNOW you can make it happen…

And ESPECIALLY when prices are so low in Vietnam right now—even when compared to its affordable neighbours.


"Vietnam still looks like a bargain compared with the rest of Asia."

—The Financial Times
March 2016

That's why we've just created an all-new, up-to-date guide on how to make Vietnam your new part-time or full-time home.

It is, quite frankly, the very best "first-step" towards enjoying a great new life in Vietnam that I know of.

And it can help YOU start "living large on the cheap" in Vietnam without ever wondering what you need to do first…second…third…and every step after that.

Here's what this is all about.

The Best Guide You'll Ever Find To Help You Travel, Live And Retire In Today's Vietnam

Not long ago, we got in touch with one of our seasoned "on-the-ground" experts in Vietnam.

And we asked her to do us a favour.

Her name is Wendy Justice. I just mentioned her a few moments ago.

Wendy has spent well over a decade living and working all over Southeast Asia.

And when it comes to doing things like getting around Southeast Asia…finding a safe and affordable place to live in Southeast Asia's best expat enclaves…meeting new friends…discovering the best places to shop for groceries and modern amenities…identifying the best healthcare options…and all other aspects of living well as an expat…

…Wendy knows what she's doing from first-hand experience.

She doesn't just "talk the talk."

She "walks the walk"—every single moment of every single day.

"Been there, done that!" is another very good way of putting it!

Today, Wendy and her husband David are happy full-time expats in the costal city of Da Nang. And if one thing's for sure, they love their lives in Vietnam. Especially the food!

"Vietnamese food is fresh, light and delicious, with minimal oil, sugar or fat," Wendy says. "Just $3 buys a large bowl of bun ngan, a street-food favourite that consists of duck, sliced bamboo, rice noodles, broth, spring onions and assorted leaves and herbs. For a delicious breakfast or lunch, I love Hanoi's famous bun cha, with two types of char-grilled pork, rice vermicelli and greens for about $2."

So…what "favour" did we ask Wendy to do for us?

Well…we asked her to document everything she knows about expat life in today's Vietnam so that anyone else interested in starting a new life in Vietnam could "piggyback" on Wendy's experience.

And over the past few months, Wendy has put together a one-of-a-kind resource that is the PERFECT solution for ANY Aussie interested in travelling, living or retiring in Vietnam.

It's called Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star.

But to call this one-of-a-kind resource a simple "guide" is a serious understatement.

That's because this is nothing like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, or any other mainstream travel publication you may be familiar with.

Not even close!

Instead, Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star gives you EVERYTHING you need to not just travel…

…but to RENT A PROPERTY…to LIVE…and even to RETIRE in today's booming Vietnam.

It's truly a one-of-a-kind resource.

And when you gain access to it—which I'll show you how to do and at a greatly-reduced "introductory" price in just a moment…

…you'll have everything you need to start living life large on a budget in one of the most exciting and affordable expat destinations in the entire world right now.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in
Your New Home In Vietnam:
How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star

You'll discover:

You'll also discover:

In short, we've done ALL the hard work for you…

…so you don't have to!

So if you're even remotely interested in spending extended time in today's Vietnam, I couldn't think of a better way to get started than to gain immediate access to Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star.

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And if you order today, I'll even throw in a special bonus for you…

…to help make your Vietnam experience that much more pleasurable and affordable!

Here it is…

"Vietnam's Perfect Beach City"
(VALUE: $29.95)

If you'd like the "city" life—and all the modern conveniences that go with it…

…but you like the laid-back "beach" life, too…

…then I think you're really going to like what we've got for you here.

You see, we've also just completed a special report that "spills the beans" on a beach city that's earned a reputation as " The Most Liveable City In All Of Vietnam."

What makes it so "liveable"?

For starters, it's home to a beautiful beige-white-sand, postcard-perfect, uncluttered beach that stretches miles in both directions.

But its great beaches are only the beginning.

This city also has got its own river promenade…leafy, tree-lined boulevards reminiscent of Europe…a café on almost every corner…an active art, music and culinary scene…a vibrant expat community…modern, air-conditioned shopping centres…state-of-the-art hospitals…and so, so much more.

And then there's the low cost-of-living here. It's so affordable, you could live very well here for as little as $1,100 a month. (Compare that to a monthly budget in ANY popular NSW beach town!)

Thanks to all this and more, many expats now call this beach city home.

So if living in a thriving, affordable beach city with all the modern amenities you could ever want right at your doorstep appeals to you even in the slightest…

…then you'll definitely want to take a look at the special bonus we've prepared for you.

Here's the deal.

Order Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star and you'll also receive a FREE special report, Vietnam's Perfect Beach City.

This special report will give you all the details on what makes this affordable beach city such a great place to live…where to go once you get there…who to meet…what to see…what to do…where to find the best deals…AND…how you can start living well here on a budget.

And you'll get this Special Report, Vietnam's Perfect Beach City, free when you order this incredibly helpful resource on today's Vietnam now.

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Here's Everything You'll Get

Order now and you'll gain access to Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star as soon as your order is processed.

And once you've done that, you can start planning your trip to Vietnam…confident that you'll know exactly where to go…what to do…who to contact and more…without spending a fortune or enduring unnecessary hassles.

You'll receive:

You won't find this kind of information anywhere else…at any price!

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It Couldn't Be Easier—Or More Affordable—To Get Started!

So how much…then…does it cost to get your hands on a copy of this helpful resource on today's Vietnam?

Well…considering how much time, money and energy Wendy Justice invested in this project, we could easily justify charging several hundred dollars.

But we're not going to ask you for that much.

That's because we want to make it as affordable as possible for you to discover the affordable wonders of today's Vietnam.

So instead of asking for $500…$300…$200…or even $150 (which would be a MASSIVE bargain for this kind of how-to info), we're only asking for $99.

For just $99, you can get your hands on the most complete, the most comprehensive, and the most cutting-edge resource on how to live WELL and AFFORDABLY in Vietnam today.

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And remember, you'll also gain access to the Special Report, Vietnam's Perfect Beach City, which gives you all the details on a beach city in Vietnam where the weather is tropical year-round…the lifestyle is easy-going…and the prices are still very, very cheap! 

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Don't Let This Critical Moment Pass You By! NOW Is The Time To Get In On Vietnam!

We've seen it happen with Thailand.

We've seen it happen with Malaysia.

Now…it's Vietnam's turn to shine as "the next great hotspot" for expats from all over the world.

Yes, the word has gotten out about how good expat life can be in Vietnam.

And soon, even more expats from all over the world will show up here.

Chances are, once the expat havens we've revealed in this special resource receive more and more press, even more foreigners will start coming here in search of the good life…

…and prices will almost definitely go up…just like they have in other nearby areas.

The good news is, it's still super cheap here! So you've still got time!

But please…don't wait for long. NOW's the time to get in!

And with the help of Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star, you'll know exactly HOW to "get in" on Vietnam's low prices right now right from the start…

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living Australia

P.S. A fun, exciting, adventurous, and surprisingly affordable lifestyle awaits you in today's Vietnam. Remember, you can live well here on as little as $1,137 a month! No wonder a fast-growing number of expats from all over the world now call Vietnam home. And now, you can, too with the help of International Living's one-of-a-kind resource, Your New Home In Vietnam: How To Live Well On A Budget In Southeast Asia's Rising Star. But don't wait too long! If Vietnam gains in popularity just like its neighbours, it's inevitable prices will start rising FAST. That's why NOW's the time to get in…while prices are still super-cheap! Here's your chance to "beat the crowds" and "get in first" before everyone else!

P.P.S. Order today and you'll also receive a special bonus report, Vietnam's Perfect Beach City, which gives you all the details on a beach city in Vietnam where the weather is tropical year-round…the lifestyle is easy-going…and the prices are still very, very cheap! 

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