The Secret "Free Stay Pass" That Helps You Stay in Luxury Properties All Over The World… For FREE!

The big hotel chains don't want you to learn about this little-known money-saving travel secret. And you won't believe how EASY it is to put the "Free Stay Pass" into play…

"We [used the "Free Stay Pass"]…to stay rent-free in properties that would otherwise command $2,500 a week. We've gotten the chance to live like absolute royalty in some of the world's finest destinations…"

—Michael and Yvonne B.

Dear Reader,

Imagine spending this Christmas and New Year's holidays in a four-bedroom seaside Caribbean villa that would probably rent out at $2,500 per week…

…for FREE…

Or staying in a villa in Provence with a private pool and incredible views of the same Provencal countryside Cézanne and Van Gogh often painted…

…without shelling out one single Euro for the privilege…

Or how about spending part of your winter in Bali…or Vietnam…and your summer escape in Europe…

…all without paying for your luxury accommodation the entire time you're away—living life to the absolute fullest…

Well…if you use the "Free Stay Pass," you can absolutely make this happen.

Put this "Free Stay Pass" to good use…and you'll open up the door to a much more luxurious way to travel overseas—the moment you take advantage of it.

And best of all, it will help you experience the world's finest destinations for as long as you want…while paying ZERO for your accommodation!


The "Free Stay Pass" can help you give your travel experiences a MASSIVE upgrade…at ZERO cost!

It can be done in the world's finest overseas destinations and expat havens…

…and can provide you with a level of luxury during your travels you probably never thought possible.

The "Free Stay Pass" is the real deal.

Once you've accessed it and know how to use it…

…the "Free Stay Pass" helps provide you with a whole new level of luxury while you're travelling overseas.

Hotels are Simply Too Expensive!

As you know, hotels can take quite a big dent out of your travel budget…no matter what "deals" seem to be going on.

Just take a look at the average "five-star" daily hotel rates Australians pay in some of the world's most popular overseas destinations, according to in recent times:

London $253
New York City $317
Paris $255
Rio de Janeiro $289
Hong Kong $214
Dubai $261
Venice $267

All pretty darn steep for an overnight stay.

Go on holiday for a week or two, and you're looking at literally thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

The good news is, once you know how to use the "Free Stay Pass" wisely, you can completely avoid paying exorbitant hotel prices for high-end stays.

Put the "Free Stay Pass" to good use and you'll enjoy your overseas travel experiences on a much deeper, more profound and more fulfilling level than mainstream tourists ever do.

(And by the way, just so you know, the "Free Stay Pass" has NOTHING to do with timeshare, "couchsurfing" or "AirBnB" apartment rentals.)

What I'm talking about is really one of the most effective, reliable and time-tested ways to eliminate paying for luxury overseas accommodation.

A REAL and PROVEN Way You Can Avoid Overpriced Hotel Rooms Overseas… And A Whole Lot More!

My name is Jackie Flynn.

I'm the Publisher of International Living Australia. International Living has been the world's premier resource for affordable overseas lifestyle opportunities since 1979.

And today, I'd like to show you how to get in on a powerful, money-saving travel secret the big international hotel chains don't want you to know about.

That's because THIS little-known secret—what we like to call the "Free Stay Pass"—helps you:

Imagine lounging at the pool of a 17th century villa in Tuscany…

…or taking sunset strolls on the beach in front of the two-storey luxury beachfront bungalow you call "home" for a few months…

…or shopping for fresh food and other gourmet treats at Parisian open-air markets…then cooking up a storm for friends and family in the kitchen of the restored pied-à-terre in Paris, France you're staying in…

…and living life large like this…without paying for your accommodation!

How is this possible?

Can you REALLY do this?

As it turns out…ABSOLUTELY!

"…you get the benefit of free accommodation and the chance to immerse yourself in a new environment or culture for an extended period of time…"


And in the next few minutes, I'd like to show you exactly how YOU could start benefitting from the "Free Stay Pass" right away…and start staying in luxury properties all over the world for FREE…by offering you a FREE report that "spills the beans" on the "Free Stay Pass".

With the "Free Stay Pass" you'll probably be living like a millionaire wherever you're staying—whether you're in Chiang Mai… The Greek Islands… New York… Bali… Dublin…or anywhere else.

But you WON'T be spending a cent for accommodation…

You see, once you put the "Free Stay Pass" into play, not only will you be saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars on accommodation costs, but you'll also see a significant drop in your overall spending as well!

And on top of all this, you'll ALSO—thanks to the "Free Stay Pass"—get to enjoy a MUCH more superior lifestyle in your chosen destination that ANY mainstream tourist EVER would!

Why Doesn't Everyone Know About the "Free Stay Pass"?

In fact, plenty of people have a general idea of how part of the "Free Stay Pass" works.

But only a very small fraction of the world travellers who DO use this money-saving strategy know how to use it to stay in LUXURY accommodation for FREE.

I'm talking about places that would normally rent out for thousands of dollars per week…

…yet gladly accept the "Free Stay Pass"…and it will let you stay there…on the house!

At the moment, we happen to know a few International Living readers who are currently using the "Free Stay Pass" with great success.

And if their stories prove one thing, it's that the "Free Stay Pass" has got to be—without question—one of THE greatest "travel deals" of all time.

International Living Reader Michael Howard Used His "Free Stay Pass" To Stay At TWO Exotic Properties On The Caribbean Island Of Antigua For FREE… And Saved Over $14,000!

55-year-old Michael Howard loves the Caribbean.

He loves the beaches…the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea…the "chilled out" island vibe…the friendliness of the locals…meeting new people at the local Caribbean "watering holes"…taking in spectacular sunrises AND sunsets on any given day of the year…the fresh produce…the fresh seafood…the music…the celebrations…all of it!

He also loves to use the "Free Stay Pass" to save thousands of dollars every time he visits the Caribbean.

In fact, on a recent trip to the Caribbean island of Antigua, Michael used the "Free Stay Pass" to save an estimated $3,900 in accommodation costs.

And on another recent trip to Antigua, Michael used the "Free Stay Pass" to save an additional $10,400 in accommodation costs.

That adds up to over $14,000 in savings!

And those are just two examples…

He's also used the "Free Stay Pass" to save an estimated $2,000 while living in truly luxurious accommodation in Costa Rica…for FREE!

And he's got plenty more great money-saving experiences using the "Free Stay Pass" on top of all this…

Plus, thanks to the "Free Stay Pass", Michael not only saves thousands and thousands of dollars every time he visits the Caribbean, but he also gets to experience the Caribbean "like a local" instead of like a mainstream tourist.

"Wild Donkeys Roam At Night Through Flower-Filled Meadows And Olive Groves…"

International Living reader Sara Rogers has also used the "Free Stay Pass" with great success.

Just recently, she and her boyfriend spent some time on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in a truly spectacular location…without paying one cent for accommodation.

And what a place they stayed in…

She could see the Mediterranean Sea right through her window.

And just outside her door was a mature mandarin orange tree, which provided plenty of ripe, juicy oranges—perfect for fresh-squeezed juice with her breakfast…

She also had a magnificent lemon tree…with enormous, fragrant lemons—which she used for her afternoon lemonade.

Also close by were almond, pomegranate, olive, apricot and even peppercorn trees. And plenty of free-range ducks and chickens, too!

It was like having an organic open-air market—right outside her door!

While staying in Cyprus, Sarah did things like work on her writing…wander around the village…drive the five minutes to deserted, golden-sand beaches and pine-forest trails…or step out onto the verandah at night and look up into a night sky full of stars.

And while she was there, she got to experience a side of Cyprus that most people don't even know about…

"There's an energy on this isolated and largely undeveloped stretch of land," says Sarah.

"Wild donkeys roam at night through flower-filled meadows and olive groves, or trot over the wild asparagus that sprouts through the sand on the vast beaches."

And she got to experience all of this in Cyprus…without paying one cent for her lavish accommodation!

The "Free Stay Pass" Even Works in Ultra-Expensive St. Tropez…

That's exactly what International Living reader Anna Hall did.

She used the "Free Stay Pass" to stay for FREE at a great little place in St. Tropez—just a few minutes' walk to the nearest beach.

Normally, St. Tropez's prices would've driven Anna away.

(A night in a mid-range hotel in St. Tropez can cost up to $400. And if you want to stay awhile in St. Tropez, then renting a place like a 60-square-metre apartment will set you back around $3,900 to $5,200 a month.)

It's certainly not cheap.

But thanks to the "Free Stay Pass," Anna completely avoided paying St. Tropez's exorbitant accommodation costs.

Not only that, but while she was there, she did a lot of exploring as well.

She found a sleepy beach town surrounded by lush green hills and streets lined with pretty townhouses.

She discovered the gorgeous promenades (walks), both in the town and outside.

She was able to continue her work as a freelance writer in a fantastic overseas location—thanks to the fast internet connection she had access to.

And she got to experience St. Tropez "like a local" —without paying for her lovely accommodation!

How The "Free Stay Pass" Saved This Adventurous, Budget-Minded Couple Thousands In Accommodation Costs While Living In Luxury All Over The World

Today they travel whenever they want—in luxury—for less than it costs to stay at home.

But it wasn't always this way for Michael and Yvonne Bauche.

Just over three years ago, Michael and Yvonne were both caught up in the rat race in Vancouver, Canada.

They were working long hours to maintain their lifestyle.

They battled unrealistic timetables, dealt with other people's agendas and had no time of their own.

They were overworked. They were miserable. No end was in sight.

BUT…they had a dream. A dream of visiting 100 countries. Of experiencing ALL the wonders the world has to offer…

There was a problem, however.

They were both self-employed. And so they had no access to any pension.

Money would be an issue, they thought—and possibly a deal-killer.

But as it turns out, that perceived roadblock didn't stop Michael and Yvonne from exploring the world and staying in some of the most luxurious accommodation imaginable.

How did they pull this off?

They discovered the "Free Stay Pass".

And thanks to the "Free Stay Pass"—and because Michael and Yvonne have used it wisely—they wound up not spending one single cent on accommodation…unless they chose to.

And over the past four years, they've stayed for FREE in places like:

Michael and Yvonne travel anywhere they like, from Panama to Costa Rica to Europe to the Caribbean. And thanks to the "Free Stay Pass," they estimate they've saved a total of $164,374 on luxury accommodation while they travel.

And now, I'd like to give YOU the opportunity to get in on the "Free Stay Pass" by offering you a FREE Special Report.

How YOU Can Start Using The "Free Stay Pass" To Start Staying In Luxury Properties All Over The World… For FREE!

We've called it, The "Free Stay Pass": The Little-Known Secret For Staying In Luxury Properties All Over The World… For FREE!

And I want to give you the opportunity to claim this free report so YOU can discover what I truly believe is a way of travelling…a way of experiencing the world…that I strongly believe every IL Australia Postcards reader ought to try at least once.

It's something that's relatively easy to do (once you know the ins and outs of how to do it the right way)

And it's something that can help you travel in a completely different way.

With the "Free Stay Pass" at your side:

We'll show you how to do this in your free report, The "Free Stay Pass": The Little-Known Secret For Staying In Luxury Properties All Over The World… For FREE!

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living Australia

P.S. If you want to live like a millionaire in the world's greatest destinations…without paying a cent for accommodation…you need to get your copy of The "Free Stay Pass": The Little-Known Secret For Staying In Luxury Properties All Over The World… For FREE! Don't wait and miss out.

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"International Living Australia has been of immense help as a guide and for doing comparisons. It would have been a huge exercise for someone who is time-poor, to pull all this information together."

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"… Jam-Packed With Wonderful Stories and Articles on Faraway, Magic Places."

"I have just received my August issue of International Living Australia and as usual it is jam-packed with wonderful stories and articles on faraway, magic places. However, the magic is balanced by a very professional and objective stance, providing factual information on how to retire and live overseas for a much lower cost than in Australia. I love reading the interesting articles and have planned my next couple of overseas holidays from my reading. I love the magazine and look forward to receiving it every month. A great buy!"

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