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"I have a level of freedom that I never had before. I can make my own hours. I don't have to report to anyone. It's the best decision I've ever made."

—Tara T.

Dear Reader,

Imagine waking up at the stroke of midnight and making your way down to a pristine, secluded beach where you can witness literally thousands of tiny, glowing, bioluminescent plankton make the sea glow like a blue-green starry sky as you wade through the warm, inviting waters of the Gulf of Thailand…

What Does A Travel Consultant Do?

…and getting paid for the experience.

Or how about taking a leisurely morning stroll through the back streets of Paris, taking in the wonderful, "come-hither" aromas of fresh baked baguettes and pastries, artisanal cheeses, gourmet chocolates, piping hot "French Roast" coffee and other local culinary delights, sampling each and every delicacy you desire…

…and not paying for ANY of it.

That's because YOU'RE the one getting paid for the pleasure!

Or…how about taking a leisurely one-month cruise from the Netherlands to Romania down the romantic and scenic Danube River on a luxury riverboat with a group of like-minded fellow world travellers…dining on gourmet meals…enjoying fine wines…making memories that will surely last a lifetime…

…and earning enough income every step of the way to pay for your incredible adventure.

Now, I know this all may seem like a pipe dream to you…

To actually get paid to travel like this…

But I assure you, this is the REAL DEAL!

And many profit-minded world travellers are already getting in on this.

For example…

And there are PLENTY more people we know making money just like this…

And in the next few minutes, I'm going to show YOU how you could take advantage of this opportunity to become an in-demand Travel Consultant in a surprisingly short period of time.

So… What Does A Travel Consultant Do?

Basically, you get paid to help other world travellers plan their overseas trips.

And then, if you want, you can also join your fellow travellers on the amazing adventures you arrange.

That's it.


Yet despite its simplicity, this opportunity could provide ANY traveller (including YOU) with a virtually endless number of fun, exciting AND profitable adventures all over the world.

That's why this is one of the most promising "make money anywhere" income opportunities of 2018 and beyond.

It's not hard to understand why…

Think about how nice it would be to GET PAID and GET PAID WELL to enjoy fun and exciting activities all over the world, such as:

I'm sure you'll agree…most seasoned travellers would gladly pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to enjoy these types of "bucket list" activities.

But you not only enjoy these kinds of activities for FREE, you could get paid to enjoy them!

It's like getting paid to spend your days on a holiday.

And it's a whole lot easier to get in on this "make money anywhere" opportunity than you might think.

That's because…

You Already Have Most Of The Skills You Need To Make Money As A TRAVEL CONSULTANT

This opportunity does NOT require any advanced qualifications.

And this opportunity is something you can get in on ALMOST IMMEDIATELY…

And like I said, you already have most of the skills and experience you need to do this from anywhere in the world.

Let me put it to you this way…

If you've ever…

…then I assure you, you can do this.

Here are all the exciting details…

Get Paid To Travel Anywhere In The World You Want, No Matter Where You Base Yourself

My name is Jackie Flynn.

I'm the Publisher of International Living Australia.

And today I'm going to show you how YOU could start a new part-time OR full-time gig as an in-demand Travel Consultant as soon as TODAY.

But right before I do that, here's how a few of your fellow world travellers are already profiting from this highly promising income opportunity.

Remember, this could be YOU!

Matt B. Charges Up To $8,400 Per Person Helping People Take Photos Of Asia's Most Exotic Locations

Back in 1993, Matt B. was working for a tourism company in India.

And he always loved travel and photography.

However, he only took photos as a hobby…and not to make money.

Then, one day, he realized there was a market for people who wanted to take photos in places like India, Mongolia, and elsewhere in Asia.

He discovered many people simply didn't know how to take great travel photos or where to take them, and could really use some "expert" help.

So he started his own business helping people take photos of Asia's most exotic locations.

"When you're living in another country, exploring is part of your daily life," says Matt.

"So when it came to the tours and workshops, I knew where to take people, especially from a photographer's standpoint."

Today, Matt's business is a smashing success.

He charges as much as $8,400 per person.

And the tours he creates and organizes regularly sell out.

Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

In fact, Matt's business is doing so well, he recently rented a five-bedroom house in the world-class retirement destination of Penang, Malaysia, where he now lives with his family.

Their home is within walking distance of one of Penang's famous hawker centres.

Here, they can eat all the dishes that put Penang on the foodie map: Indian curries, ginger and soy steamed fish, silky Chinese noodle dishes—all for only a few dollars each.

"I love the ease and quality of life here, especially the low cost of living," says Matt.

"Plus, it's so easy and cost effective to run my tours from here."

"Anytime we feel like it…we hop on a cheap flight to Vietnam, Bali, or the Philippines. We just came back from a trip to see the komodo dragons on Komodo Island, Indonesia."

"It's just amazing. We've seen so much of the world."

Greg A. Profits Up To $10,000 Or More Per Overseas Trip

Back in 2008, Greg A. was working at a media and design college.

And while he was there, he wanted to introduce the students who attended the college to the wonderful world of international travel.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

So he decided to organize a trip to Berlin, Germany.

Turns out his students loved overseas travel.

And it also turns out the service he provided was incredibly valuable, too.

"They were becoming better and more aware citizens of the world right in front of my eyes," he recalls.

"From that moment on, I was hooked on connecting people with opportunities to grow in those ways through travel."

Since then, Greg's organized 24 trips in 11 countries.

He's helped travellers of all ages explore world-class destinations like Prague, Munich and Budapest.

And he now profits up to $10,000 or more per trip!

If one thing's for sure, Greg sure loves his fulfilling global lifestyle.

"I get to revisit my favourite places and take people there to share my excitement and knowledge of the destination," Greg says.

"At the end of the tour they suddenly realize that the world is not as big, scary, and anonymous as they thought at the start. They discover something about the world and themselves and that is something cool to be a part of."

We've Also Heard Plenty More Success Stories From Other Successful Globetrotting Travel Consultants Already "Living The Dream" Overseas…

Successful travel consultants like these…

Plus many, MANY more success stories (there are simply too many to list here) No matter what you dream of doing, this is a way you could leverage your interests into a real, bonafide way to make money from anywhere in the world.

It's an opportunity to…

Fund Your Lifestyle Anywhere In The World With Incredible FLEXIBILITY

This opportunity to make money from anywhere you decided to base yourself—overseas or at home—is also incredibly FLEXIBLE, you could choose to do it for as little as one or two weeks a year if you want.

And STILL get paid for it.

Think of it as getting a "free overseas holiday" for just a few hours of your time.

Or, if you want to take things even further, you could even turn this into a full-time income stream AND get paid year-round, living full-time in a world-class overseas destination and doing the things you love whenever you want.

Yep, you could do that too.

It's all up to you.

So let me ask you something, if I may…

…just to help you envision all the amazing possibilities this opportunity could provide you in the near future…

When You Take A Trip, What Are The Activities You TRULY Enjoy And Would GLADLY Pay To Do?

Tropical Beach

Do you enjoy participating in water sports like swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving or surfing?

Do you like "cultural" activities like visiting art exhibits, museums, temples, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

Perhaps you love food, and you just love to try out as much tasty local "street food" as you can whenever you visit your favourite place away from home. Is that what you love most when you travel?

Whatever experiences you enjoy doing most when you travel…

… I'm here today to say that with the right help you could earn great income organizing and participating in activities just like this.

Activities you'd gladly pay top dollar to do…

Take advantage of this opportunity and you really could GET PAID TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE, simply by helping other like-minded travellers enjoy similar experiences.

And remember, you don't even need to leave home OR move overseas full-time to get in on this opportunity ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.

In fact, you could even get paid to spend a month touring the world-class beaches of Queensland.

You could start your tour off in a fun seaside city like Cairns up in Far North Queensland, then make your way down to the almost otherworldly white-sand beaches of the Whitsunday Islands…to upscale Noosa Beach…to lively Brisbane…to the bustling Gold Coast…and finally to the bohemian enclave and world-class surf spot of Byron Bay to end your money-making trip…

Here's how you can get started, with our expert's help, right away…

Meet Tara Tiedermann—One Of The Most Successful Travel Consultants We Know

Tara Tiederman

Tara's originally from Salt Lake City, Utah.

And ever since she was a young girl, she's always been intrigued by the idea of making new and exciting discoveries when she travels.

That's one of the biggest reasons she decided to spend two years living and working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central America.

And while she was there, Tara got the chance to fulfil her lifelong dream of enjoying some of the most amazing adventures you can possibly imagine.

She got to…

Tara also made sure to invite her friends and family to join her on some of her adventures.

It was simply too great of an experience not to share with others.

And when her friends and family joined her, and got the "inside scoop" on her finest discoveries—thanks to Tara's intimate knowledge of the area—many of them exclaimed, "they had no idea these cool places even existed."

Soon, Tara began looking into whether she could do this to support her lifestyle.

If she could actually make a living helping others arrange incredible overseas adventures with her inside knowledge of the destinations she knew about.

And as it turns out, this opportunity to help others explore and experience the world in grand, exciting style was more wide open than Tara could ever possibly imagine.

So she dove in head on and gave it a shot.

Her life hasn't been the same ever since.

Costa Rica

Today, over five years later, Tara now lives full-time in tropical Costa Rica and enjoys an absolutely incredible lifestyle…and makes a full-time living helping others enjoy adventures in and around her new adopted home country.

And you wouldn't believe some of the things Tara gets to do…

In just the past few months, Tara's earned income while enjoying experiences in Costa Rica such as white-water rafting…tubing…sailing…snorkelling…bird watching…surfing…horseback riding…whale watching…hiking…doing yoga…

…plus many, many more "bucket list" types of activities…

She even earns enough income from her travel experiences to fully fund her life in Costa Rica…and save some money while she's at it!

YOU Could Enjoy The Same Kind Of Exciting And Profitable Lifestyle—With Tara's Help!

Last year, I asked Tara to compile all the insider secrets that she and so many other successful Travel Consultants rely on to make great money from anywhere in the world.

And it's why I'm writing you today.

We've just put the finishing touches on an all-new resource that reveals EVERYTHING you need to know to become a successful Travel Consultant as quickly, easily and hassle-free as possible.

It's called The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant.

And I couldn't think of a faster, easier, more effective way to become a successful Travel Consultant than by having this all-new resource right at your side.

Inside you'll discover secrets like:


This Is Your BIG Chance to Get in on One of the Hottest, Most Flexible Income Opportunities Available for Travelers Today

Some travelers, especially large groups, could still use help arranging their travels and finding the best deals. You can help them do just that.


Armed with the insider how-tos you need, you'll understand exactly how you could get paid to enjoy the sort of experiences you'd gladly pay for yourself.

The sky's the limit for what you could do…

You could…

Khao Lak, Thailand

Whatever you dream of getting paid to do, you could make it happen.

And whatever amazing experiences you may have in mind, you can transform those experiences into a lucrative income as an established Travel Consultant.

This is your BIG chance to make that happen…

Being a Travel Consultant is a great way to get paid to travel—and to travel as often as you like—even if you never become a full-time expat…

All this and more is what you could expect once you become an established Travel Consultant.

And there is no better way to get started today than with The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant.

And right now, we're offering…

A Very Special Deal When You Order The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant Today

I could reasonably charge at least $500 for the insider intelligence and how-to guidance The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant delivers.

After all, if you could earn as much as $10,000 or more from a single overseas trip you arrange, this resource would pay for itself many, many times over in just a week or two!

But you know what?

I'm not going to charge anywhere near that much.

In fact, the regular price is much less...just $199.


But I'm Not Done Yet!

Because I'm so enthusiastic about this opportunity to earn great income doing the things you love as a well-established Travel Consultant…

The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant

… AND because I'd love for YOU to take a closer look at The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant and discover ALL the moneymaking possibilities this hot opportunity could provide you…

… I'm going to throw in not one, but TWO SPECIAL BONUSES to help you become a successful Travel Consultant as quickly, easily, and hassle-free as possible.

Order The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant today and you'll also receive:

How To Earn $3,000… $5,000… $8,000 Or More As Soon As Your Very Next Trip
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I've already mentioned that you could GET PAID WELL as a Travel Consultant.

And I've also mentioned how it's possible to earn as much as $3,000… $5,000… $8,000 or more from a single overseas trip.

How To Earn $3,000… $5,000… $8,000 Or More As Soon As Your Very Next Trip

After all, we know other Travel Consultants already earning this much!

You could do the same…

All you need is the right "insider" details on how to do it…

And in this Special Report, How To Earn $3,000… $5,000… $8,000 Or More As Soon As Your Very Next Trip , you'll get a quick overview on EXACTLY how to do it—straight from the "insiders" ALREADY doing it!

You'll also find out:

And a whole lot more!

64 Fun And Profitable Tour Ideas For Budding Travel Consultants
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Travel Consultants have an almost limitless number of possibilities when it comes to what kind of tours they could arrange and run.

So when it comes to deciding what kind of tour is best for you and your interests, it could be hard to know where to start.

64 Fun And Profitable Tour Ideas For Budding Travel Consultants

Should you do outdoor adventure sports tours?

Organize "Foodie" tours?

Take people to world-renowned festivals and events?

Host eco-friendly or educational trips?

Like I said…it's hard to know where to start!

The good news is, with this Special Bonus, 64 Fun And Profitable Tour Ideas For Budding Travel Consultants at your side, you'll have dozens and dozens of ideas to consider for your fellow travellers.

This will help take some of the "guesswork" out of deciding which kind of experiences will be best for your interests.

BOTH of these Special Bonuses are yours when you order The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant today for just $199.

When you do, you'll receive:

Everything included in this special offer comes in a convenient PDF format.

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Everything You Need To Know

With The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant in hand, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to know to become an in-demand, highly-paid Travel Consultant so you could start earning income doing the things you love most…from wherever in the world you want to be.

Not only that, but…

Not many income opportunities give you this kind of freedom AND income potential.

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Order The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant Now!

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If you're truly seeking a REAL way to enjoy and experience the world doing the things you love to do most…

…to help other discerning world travellers avoid "tourist traps" and enjoy truly unique, customized, memorable overseas experiences…

Senior couple walking on beach

…to become a close member of your local community…get local "perks" most expats would never get…make the world a truly better place…

…and GET PAID WELL for the privilege of doing all this and more…

…then I strongly urge you to give The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant a try today.

In fact, we're so confident you'll be impressed by everything you'll discover in this all-new resource that we're going to give you 30 days to explore it.

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Order The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant Now!

Why You Should Order The Insider's Guide To Becoming A Well-Paid Travel Consultant Now

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living Australia

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