Why A Fast-Growing Number Of Forward-Thinking Aussies Are Choosing To Retire In MALAYSIA

…And Absolutely LOVE IT!


"…a high standard of living, a welcoming culture, special benefits for retirees, affordable and professional healthcare, the availability of freehold property and a robust economy. Even the climate rates a tick, with warm weather seen as a bonus."

—The Australian

Dear International Living Australia Reader,

Tired of Perth's expensive prices and "ho-hum" suburban lifestyle, Aussies Geoff and Kaye McBride recently made a big life change.

They decided to leave Australia in search of a new place to live.

Somewhere more affordable…more exciting…and more invigorating.

Fortunately for the McBrides, they found exactly what they were looking for in Malaysia…just a few short hours from Australia by air.

Today, the McBrides' new home base in Malaysia offers so many NEW and EXCITING options and opportunities, it's restored a sense of fun and adventure that Kaye says they "hadn't felt in 30 years."

Of course, the lower prices in their new locale are a nice plus, too.

For example, right now, the McBrides rent a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in a plush beachside suburb with sweeping views of the sea for just $600 a month.

"It's not just housing that's cheap," says Kaye.

"We estimate that we spend about 60% less on other living costs such as food, medical, transport and socialising. We couldn't afford to socialise much in Australia, but here we eat out three times a week or more."

And to think…

…they do it all on the Australian Age Pension!

"The climate is tropical…beautiful beaches, friendly people and low crime rate…Plus, you can live comfortably here for about US$1,700 a month (AUD$2,264) or less."


You, Too, Can Rejuvenate Your Retirement and Your Life in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the world's most modern, sophisticated, and affordable tropical expat havens. It's no wonder almost 200,000 expats now call it home—when it offers a perfect low-cost, first-class lifestyle.

Whatever's on your wish list, you'll find it in Malaysia:

But as Geoff and Kaye and others have discovered, it's the quality of the Malaysian lifestyle that's so attractive. You can…

Yes, Malaysia Is THE REAL DEAL!

And that's precisely why I'm to writing to you today.

My name is Jackie Flynn.

I'm the Publisher of International Living Australia.

And in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you how YOU can find out everything you need to know about expat life in Malaysia - and decide if it's for you or not.

Introducing International Living's "Live Large In Malaysia" Quick-Start Package

Not long ago, we called upon several of our most trusted and experienced "on-the-ground" expat experts in Malaysia.

And we asked them to put together a series of focused presentations that can get you up to speed as quickly as possible on travelling, living, AND retiring in today's Malaysia.

We call it International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package.

And if living or retiring in an exciting, affordable locale close to Australia interests you…

…then getting your hands on International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package could be one of the wisest decisions you'll ever make.

If you're interested in retiring someday soon in a place where the living is fun and easy, the weather is agreeable year-round, and the cost-of-living is cheap…

…then you'll DEFINITELY want to access this program.

In a nutshell, it's for anyone who's EVER dreamed of retiring well under the sun on a smaller budget - WITHOUT giving up modern creature comforts or amenities…

In fact, RIGHT NOW, Malaysia could very well be the EASIEST place in the world for Australian expats to:

  1. Get "set up" in a new overseas locale as quickly as possible (with near to no hassles)…
  2. Start enjoying a truly first-class lifestyle in an exotic, tropical paradise (and a place where English is widely-spoken, too)…
  3. Make it ALL happen for a fraction of what a comparable lifestyle would cost back in Australia! (And make it happen on as little as $2,264 a month to live in grand style!)

And Malaysia's Ultra-Low Cost-Of-Living Is Just The Beginning…

You see, once you arrive in Malaysia, you'll feel like you've been transported to an exotic multicultural wonderland where new and exciting discoveries await you around every corner…


Malaysia Is a Veritable Feast For The Senses…

Not long after you've arrived in Malaysia and once you're all "set up" in your new home thanks to what you'll learn in International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package

…not only will you find yourself surrounded by exotic and affordable pleasures…

…but you'll also find yourself smack bang in the middle of a modern, sophisticated, and complete "turnkey" environment that's just about perfect for any English-speaking expat seeking the best of ALL worlds.

In other words, once you're established in Malaysia (which is much easier than you'd ever think, with the right help)…

…you'll have the very best of "old" and "new" within minutes of your front door:

IT REALLY IS a remarkably EASY place for Aussies to retire affordably…

…AND live very, VERY well.

Not only that, but…

Malaysia Can Help You "Rescue" Your Retirement!

Here's how.

As you well know by now, Australia is nowhere near as affordable as it used to be.

Far from it!

Sure, back in the 60s and 70s, it was STILL possible to live affordably in many of Australia's most beautiful cities and towns.

Fast-forward to today…

Today, according to recent estimates, a single Aussie homeowner needed about $43,000 a year to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

For a couple, that figure jumps to $59,000.

This is one of the BIGGEST reasons a fast-growing number of forward-thinking Aussies are now looking beyond Australia's shores in search of better value…better living…and a better retirement…

…and wish to do so WITHOUT shelling out the big bucks.

And Malaysia offers the perfect solution…

In today's Malaysia, it's STILL possible to find first-class properties on beautiful tropical islands like Penang and Langkawi…fully-serviced apartments with every modern amenity you could ever think of in Kuala Lumpur…charming townhouses in laid-back Ipoh…comfy homes with a big yard, a pool, and a BBQ in exotic Kota Kinabalu…

…and ALL at a fraction of the price you'd find for similar properties in Australia!

Here are just a handful of the MANY deals you can find in Malaysia:

And when you take Malaysia's ultra-low cost-of-living, world-class healthcare and world-renowned retirement program into consideration…

…it's easy to understand how Malaysia can actually help you "rescue" your retirement if you're worried you haven't saved up enough…or can't afford to retire comfortably in Australia.

And remember, Malaysia is only a few hours away from Australia by plane!

This means you can leave Australia in the morning…

…and arrive in Malaysia in time for a tasty lunch!

"The cost of living is about a third of Sydney. That makes a huge difference to a self-funded retiree."


And Then You've Got Malaysia's World-Class, State-Of-The-Art, SUPER-AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE!

Another big reason so many Aussies are flocking to Malaysia is its excellent, affordable healthcare.

You see, the largest cities in Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur and Penang have several modern hospitals with English-speaking medical specialists on hand.

And prices are one-third to one-fourth what you'd expect to pay in Australia.

"The whole system here is much better. Specialists are easier to access. It is far cheaper, even without medical insurance it is less than the gap with medicare."


On Top Of ALL This - You Can Take Advantage Of Malaysia's World Renowned Retirement Program For Expats!

It's called, "Malaysia - My Second Home" (MM2H).

And it can help YOU save a lot of money…and a whole lot more!

The Malaysian government created this program back in 2006 to attract discerning expats from all over the world to retire in Malaysia.

So far, the program has been a great success.

And for good reason!

Qualify for this program and you can:

Additionally, any money that you bring into the country is tax exempt.

And any interest earned on your money is also tax exempt.

Qualifying for the program is relatively easy.

And once you've qualified, you're entitled to all of these benefits.

Quite a good deal!

So it's no wonder that…

The Word Is Getting Out About Malaysia!

"The country has one of the most robust economies in Asia and this is reflected in the consistently high standard of living available to locals and expats alike.

— Forbes.com

"Malaysia offers excellent, low-cost healthcare, and some of the best-trained surgeons, dentists and specialists in the world. Medical expertise here is comparable and sometimes better than in most Western countries."

— Huffington Post

"…every year, more and more expats wake up to the amazing opportunities Malaysia has to offer."

— New Straits Times Online

"…the top tropical paradise to retire in…"

— The Star

"…the cost of living is already low and the healthcare inexpensive."

— Time.com

"A meal with a bottle of wine can cost as little as US$5 and a visit to the doctor just $15."

— The Daily Mail

And if there's one thing we've learned over the past decade we've covered this beat, it's this.

Once the word gets out about a place, prices go up.

That's why NOW is the BEST TIME EVER to give tropical Malaysia a much closer look…if this kind of lifestyle appeals to you.

AND RIGHT NOW, you can STILL find some great real estate deals in Malaysia…if you know where to look.

That's EXACTLY what our "on-the-ground" experts in Malaysia would like to reveal to you in International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package

…that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your own home!

This collection of 10 power-packed presentations will give you a COMPLETE introduction to travelling, living and retiring in Malaysia - straight from a group of expat experts living in Malaysia FULL-TIME.

This way, you don't even have to go to Malaysia to find out EVERYTHING this group of expats learned "the hard way" when they moved to Malaysia without any insider help like this.

In other words, you can learn from their mistakes, avoid any unnecessary pitfalls or roadblocks, and find out how to make YOUR move to Malaysia as easy and hassle-free as possible…

…before you ever leave home!

This Powerful 10-Video Collection Will Show You EVERYTHING You Need to Know About How to Live Large In Today's Malaysia

Here's a taste of what you'll discover in International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package.

You'll discover…

How "Magical Malaysia" is Perfect For Budget-Minded, Adventure-Seeking Expats Like You!

Aussie Keith Hockton, International Living's Malaysia Correspondent and a full-time resident in Penang, Malaysia will let you in on:

Everything You Need to Know to Make Amazing Penang - "The Pearl of the Orient" Your New Part-Time Or Full-Time Home

Penang is fast emerging as one of THE best places to retire in the entire world. It really offers just about everything you could ever want. Warm sunny weather…great shopping…a rich cultural heritage…and without question, some of the best food you'll ever taste in your entire life.

Keith Hockton will reveal:

You'll also discover what it's like to start a new life in amazing Penang - straight from a couple who's "been there" and "done that". Mark and Kirsten Raccuia - a young expat couple - will share everything they learned since moving to Malaysia, including:

How To Take Advantage Of Malaysia's Super-Attractive Retirement Program For Expats.

One of Malaysia's biggest draws is its world-famous retirement program - "Malaysia My Second Home" (MM2H).

And you'll get all the details on how MM2H works.

You'll discover the 10 biggest benefits of joining MM2H…how to join MM2H…how to open a bank account in Malaysia…and more.

How You Can Take Advantage Of Malaysia's World-Renowned Medical Care (And Save A Whole Lot Of Money While You're At It!)

In this presentation, Dr. Neil Solomons will give you a complete introduction to Malaysia's excellent and affordable healthcare system and medical care:

You'll get all the details on:

How You Can Find the Island of Penang's Best Buys And Rentals…And Save A Lot Of Money!

If you want to stay on the island expat hotspot of Penang for an extended period of time, you'll need a place to stay! That's what this video presentation is all about.

Penang real estate professional Grace Teh will show you:

How You Can Enjoy The Very Best Of Southeast Asia

Take a quick look at a map of Malaysia and Southeast Asia…and you'll quickly realise just how many world-renowned destinations are just a few short hours away.

And you'll find out how to enjoy it all in grand style.

You'll find out:

How To Move All Your Household Belongings From Your Current Home To Malaysia - The Easy, Affordable, And Hassle-Free Way!

Linda Davis, a resident in Malaysia for 35 years, will show you how with the right help, it's actually very easy to move all your stuff from home to Malaysia.

Linda will introduce you to:

How You Can Get All Your Most Important Questions Answered About Malaysia - Straight From The Expat And Experts Who Live There Full-Time!

You'll get the answers to several of the most common questions people ask about relocating to Malaysia. (Including Malaysia's veterinary care—great to know if you bring your pet to Malaysia…)

NOTE: As part of this special offer today, you'll also get the chance to listen to a special Q&A recording by Keith Hockton. 

More on this in a minute!

This Is YOUR Chance To Find Out Everything You Need To Know About How To Make Malaysia Your New Part-Time Or Full-Time Home

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And they'll pass on the most critical and valuable lessons they've learned to you through these power-packed presentations.

Watch these 10 presentations just once, and you'll know more about how to live well "expat-style" in today's Malaysia than 99% of other expats in Malaysia who weren't "in the know" before they arrived.

Sure, you could do all this on your own.

But why bother with the potential extra hassles?

Get your hands on International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package and you'll have a HUGE head start towards living the good life in Malaysia…

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But you know what?

If you're seriously interested in making Malaysia your new part-time or full-time home…

…and you must be if you're still reading this…

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Order International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package today, and you'll also get the following:

SPECIAL BONUS #1 Malaysia's Top 3 Expat Destinations Right Now

Take a look at Malaysia and you'll quickly realise…it's a pretty big country!

In fact, if you measured Malaysia from one end to the other, you'll find it's almost as wide as Australia!

However, despite Malaysia's rather big size - and its hundreds, even thousands of cities, towns, islands and beaches - there are a few expat hotspots which stand head and shoulders above the rest.

And that's what this Special Digital Bonus Report is all about.

This Special Report, Malaysia's Top 3 Expat Destinations Right Now, will give you all the details on three fantastic places in Malaysia that you should look at first…

…before considering anywhere else.


Many of Langkawi's expats are yachties who stopped in and never left. The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club offers a world-class, 200-berth marina and it holds one of the biggest regattas in Malaysia in January, attracting sailors from all over the region.

In this bonus report, you'll discover the top 3 ways to pass the time on Langkawi (hint: if you don't love at least two of these, Langkawi may not be for you)…where to rent a fully-furnished sea-view apartment for $490 a month…and more.

If you love food and shopping, you'll be spoilt for choice in KL. There are thousands of restaurants serving up every cuisine imaginable; from local noodle dishes to Australian steaks to Middle Eastern banquets, and the city is chock-full of outstanding restaurants, trendy cafés and stylish bars.

In this bonus report, we'll tell you about our favourite festivals (with KL's multicultural makeup, there's always a celebration in full swing) and where to buy a three-bedroom apartment with lake views and amenities like a swimming pool, gym, squash court, jogging track, and business centre for $193,000…or rent from $655 a month.

We'll tell you everything you need to know about this island, including where rents are great value—you can get a three-bedroom apartment with tennis courts, swimming pools, and sea views for $719 a month…

Whilst it's still off the radar for most expats, you'll find air-conditioned shopping centres that house all the big brands, gourmet coffee shops and food courts you could want. Some entrepreneurial sorts have set up tourism businesses, bars and restaurants. You can find Aussie, Italian and even Hungarian food.

You'll get all the details in the Special Digital Bonus Report, Malaysia's Top 3 Expat Destinations Right Now.

If you're truly keen on finding out more about living or retiring in Malaysia…

…and you'd really like to know everything you need to know in advance…

…I'm willing to help you out even more!

Order International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package today and, as part of this special offer, I'll also give you…

SPECIAL BONUS #2 By Aussie Expat Keith Hockton

Chances are, if you're interested in living part-time or full-time in Malaysia, you're going to have some questions.

Not to worry!

International Living's Malaysia Correspondent Keith Hockton has answered your most important questions…

Once you order International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package, you'll receive a special pre-recorded Q&A Keith put together with the most pressing questions he gets asked about Malaysia.

(You'll receive a link to download the podcast once you order.)

You can get your hands on this Special Bonus (PLUS the Special Digital Bonus Report, Malaysia's Top 3 Expat Destinations Right Now) as part of this special offer today.

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Here's Everything You'll Get To Help You Start Living Large In Today's Malaysia!

Order International Living's Live Large In Malaysia Quick-Start Package today and you'll gain access to:

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  3. Special Digital Bonus Report: Malaysia's Top 3 Expat Destinations Right Now (VALUE: $29.95).
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Why This Offer Could Help You Save Thousands Of Dollars In Travel Costs (And Avoid Heaps Of "Rookie" Travel Hassles, Too!)

It's hard to say exactly how much this offer is really worth.

That's because our on-the-ground expat experts in Malaysia have put in thousands of hours (and invested thousands of dollars) scouring the country from one end to the other in search of the best deals and opportunities.

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If you're truly seeking a REAL way to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle in a tropical island WITHOUT spending a fortune…

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…to take advantage of superior quality healthcare and hospitals at a small, small fraction of the price you'd pay back home…

…to enjoy some of the tastiest exotic cuisine you'll ever experience in your entire life - all for just a few dollars…

…to live in a place where it's warm and sunny 12 months a year…where people speak English and welcome visitors with open arms…where the omnipresent views of the jungle, mountains, and turquoise seas always inspire you…

…then I strongly urge you to give this opportunity a try today.

In fact, we're so confident you'll be impressed by everything you'll discover in this all-new Malaysia resource that we're going to give you 30 days to explore everything you'll receive.

And then, if you decide that Malaysia is not for you, just let us know and we'll refund your money in full—no questions asked.

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But Don't Wait! The Time to Consider Malaysia is NOW!

You don't want to delay and miss out on everything our expat experts in Malaysia reveal in these video presentations.

That's because the places and opportunities our Malaysia expats and experts reveal in these video presentations won't be a "secret" forever.

In fact, we strongly expect places like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and more to experience the same kind of growth and success as the many havens we've recommended in the past.

What's more, once the expat havens our Malaysia experts reveal in this collection of video presentations receive even more press, that'll mean even more foreigners will start coming here in search of sophisticated, affordable tropical living with all the "bells and whistles."

And as a result, property prices will almost definitely skyrocket.

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living Australia

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P.S. A truly sophisticated, exotic, yet still wildly affordable lifestyle awaits you in Malaysia…with housing and land costs that are a mere fraction of what you'll find in other modern, First-World countries. But don't wait for long. The time is NOW for you to make your move and find the best deals. If you've ever wanted to enjoy the best of all worlds, don't waste another moment and order this white-hot resource on today's Malaysia NOW! You'll be glad you did.

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