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Dear International Living Australia Reader,

Whether you like to travel and take pictures or stay close to home and earn an income doing something fun…it's no secret that amateur photographers today are creating images only the most well trained pros could create just a few years ago.

If you have a camera and a sense of adventure…If you love taking pictures and can learn a few secrets that will make your images stand out to photo buyers…

Then you have what it takes to turn your images into photos picked up by magazines, newspapers, online stock agencies, and photo buyers around the world.

You can easily…

And here's something else…

If your camera can record video (or you have an iPad or smartphone that records video), a lot of what it takes to sell simple pictures can also be applied to creating and selling short 30-second video clips.

Bali, Thailand, Spain—You decide where you want to go and fund it with your camera

You'll be surprised how easy and flexible it can be to earn an income this way.

If you're looking for a full-time gig, you can treat it that way. Or this can easily be something you do on the side—on weekends or only when you travel.

All Sorts of Images Sell

It's not about taking pretty pictures. It's about taking images photo buyers need. And we'll show you how.

While Betty Santoyo was caring for some farm animals, she pulled out her camera and started clicking.

"Kind of hard taking photos of chickens while they are on the run, but this turned out great! The owner bought a CD of photos from me for USD$100."

My name is Lori Allen and I make it my business to help people do this—earn a full- or part-time income selling photos. I do it 1) because it's fun. And 2) because the world needs more photos.

And that's why I've agreed to share the proven insights from our best money-making photographers at a massive discount.

We have created the ultimate package—Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash. And this special bundle with a $365 value is available to you, for $139.

We can sit back and let others take them and cash in on all the fun. Or I can help people realise that you don't need to be a professional photographer to do this and together we can create a fun little group of people travelling around the world cashing in on this little opportunity very few people know exists.

Take Terry Robinson for example. Terry isn't a professional photographer, but today he "works" at it part-time. When he wants extra spending money, he breaks out the camera and knows he can make $500-$1,000 in a single weekend.

He told us last year that his camera put an extra $10,000 into his bank account during the year and, not only that, it was super fun. And he's not alone.

Patrick S. in Colorado, U.S., isn't a professional photographer either—though he always took photos on holiday and, like most parents, lots of his kids.

He joined our group when his wife handed him one of our photography guides and the next day, out at a nearby park with his family, he started taking a few shots with a magazine in mind and it paid off. He then sold them to an airline in-flight magazine (that is, the magazine that sits in the seat back pockets on a plane) exactly the way our guide described.

And he was hooked. Every place is a destination for somebody, after all…and these photos were designed to entice tourists to come to his hometown. The best part? The first collection of shots he sold earned him $590. And then he did it again to the tune of $1,050. And then again for $1,700!

And Danny Warren is another example.

Danny is now the proud father of two kids. So since time isn't something he has a lot of (along with sleep and drool-free baby toys), Danny's grateful that his income is coming from something he's doing anyway—taking pictures.

Photography is just a hobby for him so his photos are in an online stock agency where they sell without any extra work on his part. It's a passive income (enough to pay the mortgage on his new house) whether he's outside taking more pictures, or inside changing diapers. Point is: not one of these people had formal training as a photographer. They simply learned a few tricks behind creating a good photograph and who to sell it to…and the next thing you know, they'd turned a fun photo hobby into a viable income stream. An income they can take with them anywhere in the world—whether they do it full-time, part-time, or even just on holiday.

It doesn't take special equipment or years of experience. In fact, if you can snap simple photographs like these, you can do it…

And now, you can do this too!

Armed with our special quick start program—Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash you'll:

With Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash (Value: $365.96, You Pay: $139), You'll Gain…

Get paid to have FUN!

If you'd like to set your own hours…travel when you please…wake up every morning loving what you do, then the photographer's life is for you.

You're not alone. And the people who have done it will tell you they're happier, healthier, and more successful because they did.

There's something very rewarding about seeing your photos in a magazine. Something very cool about walking into Bed Bath N' Table or Myer and seeing your photo in a picture frame on the shelf.

I'm telling you…

I've literally stood next to a photo of me on the shelf at a department store, taken by professional stock photographer Shelly Perry, and just waited for someone to pass by so I could point out that it's me inside the picture frame.

What if that were your photo or a photo of you in a frame—a picture you took on your last holiday?

Everyday people…from all walks of life are doing this…

Over the years I've taught thousands of people how to do this and they're not professionals (though you do have to learn what it takes to create saleable images).

Ginger S. is a good example.

She had been working for years in the green-energy industry, spending her days in an exciting but high-stress environment. Then one day that environment went away entirely—her employer folded up shop and just like that she was out of work.

Being a grandmother, Ginger didn't have any interest in moving to a new city and leaving her family behind. But she did have an interest in photography. She also had a camera gathering dust on a shelf.

And that's when she turned to us.

We showed Ginger how easy and fulfilling it really can be to earn money by taking pictures. She started out snapping shots of everything from the dog park to the way her tea glistened in the morning light at her favourite breakfast spot. Today, Ginger is working full-time on a contract to provide a 2,000-image portfolio to an international stock agency. And she couldn't be happier.

Harrison Lee told us he's now earned almost $4,000 selling photos with his travel articles.

Kim Bechthold turned her photos into an extra $1,304 when she put them into an online stock agency. And now that she's moved overseas to Costa Rica, her photos continue to sell even though she's stopped uploading more to her portfolio.

Sue Wright came to one of our very first events and made over $1,900 in sales of a single photograph she took at the workshop within three months of her return home.

Rick Jordan sold his photos to a softball magazine for upwards of $1,500.

Lisa Norrgard sold three of her local photographs following our advice for a total of $1,200.

Rosemary Findley sold her photos for $120 each to a German lifestyle magazine.

Caroline Maryan entered five of her photos in an exhibition for emerging artists in Seoul, South Korea where she lived at the time. Three of them sold. Two for $650 each and $790 for the third.

Susan Frenchman told us she got $98 each for prints in her local coffee shop.

Leslie Ehrin sold hers to a textbook for nearly $40,000. (Note: Not everyone can expect this. Wow!)

Jim Mitchell got $780 for his images in a magazine spread.

Valerie Leroyer sold hers to the city hall for $260 using our number one secret about selling local photographs.

Anne Boyes did a shoot at her local diner for $85 and a free dinner. She was later paid $250 for photos she took for a recipe book.

Helena Long received $315 for a 12-photo series in a magazine. Check out our guide for details on how to do this!!

Sue Henderson sold one photo three times for a total of $1,200.

Jami Lupold got $240 for her photo of the Houston Symphony that illustrated an article. (Again, you'll learn all this and more.)

Tim Napp photographed his cat for Friskies Cat Food and the Carnation Company and won $6,500 and a trip to Los Angeles, California.

Ralph Brannan gets $400 and a lot of free stuff (like B&B stays and meal tickets) for his photos with our advice.

Mary Alice Murphy gets $130 for each 8x10 art photo she sells.

Beverly Shook puts her nature and still life prints in calendars and has made almost $1,300 so far.

Susie Carey gets $260 for enlarged photos and also sells them as greeting cards.

Diane Watson was invited to exhibit her work in a local gallery. She received $390 for one photo and $200 to $260 for others.

Julie Diebolt Price said she's sold prints at art shows and to small and large businesses, corporations, families, and magazines. She gets $330 for magazine cover photos and approximately $80 for others depending on the usage.

And travel writer and IL's previous Europe correspondent, Steenie Harvey carries a point-and-shoot camera with her wherever she goes. She got $490 for six photos she sent in with an article she wrote on Edinburgh.

Stories like these continue to roll in—from around the country and around the world.

And now you can add your story, too.

The experts you'll hear from in Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash will reveal "tricks of the trade" to take more saleable images. There's no doubt—getting paid to take pictures no matter where you are is a great lifestyle.

You'll get the details on where to sell travel images, including stock photos, editorial, fine art…and additional markets that are hungry for photos.

And you'll learn both how to take great photos and where to sell them.

The smartest, most efficient path to a whole new money-making adventure

This is a great way to fund more travel and earn an income from anywhere on the planet (or right there at home!)

But you must act now to get a price this good with a special offer we're making only to our members.

Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash is the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way there is for you to gain all the knowledge you need to start making money from your photographs and videos.

If you are ready to turn that dream into a reality, then you absolutely have to give it a try.

As part of Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash, you'll receive:

Special Video Presentation #1: From Snapshots to "Wow" Shots—The Fastest Way to Transform Your Photos from Snapshots to Photos You Can Sell, with Shelly Perry (value $39.99) In this presentation you'll learn the #1 secret for taking your photos from ordinary snapshots…to professional quality photographs that buyers want. These are easy things you can start doing right away—without upgrading your equipment. Professional stock photographer Shelly Perry will share her quick and easy tips for creating stunning photographs. You'll be surprised how fast these quick tips will transform your photos.

Special Video Presentation #2: The Secret Behind the Sales: Why a Well-Lit Photo Will Earn You More and Keep Buyers Coming Back , with Bonnie Caton (value $39.99) What's the single most common problem for beginner photographers? Finding good light. In this presentation, Bonnie breaks it down and you'll learn exactly what makes light "good" or bad…how to find good light no matter where you are (and no matter what the weather is like), and how to use your well-lit photos to increase your photo sales.

Special Video Presentation #3: The Fastest (and Easiest) Way to Double Your Photo Income This Year, with One Simple Camera Button, Tom Reissmann (value $39.99) Meet Professional Videographer Tom Reissmann, and learn why he's been on "permanent vacation" for the last few years, and how you can follow in his footsteps. If you know how to take a simple photo, then you have what it takes to create a simple video—which today can translate into additional earnings for you. Learn this skill and you'll open yourself up to a whole new market of buyers.

Special Video Presentation #4: Selling Your Photos in Your Spare Time: How to Use Online Stock Agencies as a Tool and an Income Stream, with Danny Warren (value $39.99) In this video presentation, you'll meet Danny Warren and see how he's combined his favourite hobbies with a way to earn a passive income, and how you can do the same. If you like the idea of earning an income while you sleep and getting paid to photograph the things you already love to do while on holiday, then stock photography might be just what you're looking for.

Special Report #1: The Quick and Dirty Guide to Magazine Photography Where Photographers Can Earn $50 to $500 per Image for Their Travel and Food Photographs (value $53) In this special report you'll learn how to make extra cash—or even a full-time income—selling your photos to magazines. You'll find out which magazines pay the best…how to increase your chances of getting published in the higher paid "glossies"…how to get on an editor's go-to list…where to find saleable subjects right in your hometown…how to quickly double your income…and more. You'll also get access to a handy directory of magazines that buy photos—along with contact details for each.

Special Report #2: The Quick and Dirty Guide to Stock Photography (value $51) Inside this special report, you'll get advice for fixing the most common mistakes new photographers make…and a directory of over 20 hot stock agencies, from the top-selling agencies on the web to lesser-known sites that are easiest to break into…complete with detailed instructions on how to sign up and sell your photos with each one that you choose…

Special Report #3: 101 Things You Can Get Paid to Photograph (in and around your hometown) (value $51) Inside this special report, you'll find 101 ideas for taking photos right in your own hometown. Whether you want to sell your photos as stock, fine art, editorial, or a combination, you can quickly and easily get started without setting foot on a plane. The photo opportunities are endless, and this guide will break it down for you and point you in the right direction.

Altogether, that's a value of $314.96. But when you order here today, we'll give you all of that for just $314.96 $139.

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You'll enjoy the opportunity to earn an extra income doing something that's really, really fun. I know quite a few people who would give their right arm for a dream job like being a travel photographer.

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This is an excellent opportunity to jump into the photographer's lifestyle…

Whether you're interested in adding photos to your travel articles…or you're looking for a way to turn a "hobby" into an income-producing pastime…or you're interested in, quite simply, learning and perfecting a skill that can provide you endless enjoyment, prestige, and fun…

There's no better time than right now to create an income stream through photography…and if you're interested in video, too, then—now is the TIME to act.

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Lori Allen
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P.S. You can try Earn an Income with Pictures: How (and Where) to Trade Photos for Cash out for 30 days and if you don't feel this package delivers the secrets you need to take saleable photos fast, simply let us know and we'll refund your investment, no question.

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