The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year!

Discover How You Can Explore And Experience The World's Greatest Destinations For As Long As You Want—And Do It All While Spending LESS Than You Probably Do Right Now!

Dear International Living Australia Reader.

In the next few minutes, I'm going to show you an EASY, FUN and PROVEN way you can:

Now I know all this may seem like a lot…

It may even seem like a "pipe dream" to you right now.

To just leave home—JUST LIKE THAT—and start spending more time in destinations you've always dreamed of…for as long as you want.

But that's exactly what IL readers Lucy and Trevor Mitchell did when they sold their comfortable house in 2011. They put a few small treasures in storage and jetted off on an adventure of a lifetime.

You see, they decided to enjoy what we like to call a "Baby Boomer Gap Year."

And since they embarked on their global adventure five years ago, the Mitchells have spent extended, quality time in world-class destinations like Argentina, Turkey, France, Italy, Ireland and Morocco.

What's more, they haven't been spending any more money than they did back home, either.

According to Lucy:

"Being home-free and travelling costs us no more than staying at home would have. We have no home maintenance, taxes or tenants to worry about, yet we continue to draw exactly the same stipend from our portfolio as we did before."

"Even additional expenses, such as international health insurance and annual trips to see our family and friends, do not tip the budget scale."

However, for Lucy and Trevor, globetrotting on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing the good things in life.

They've found that if you look in the right places, you can even indulge in a lot more of them while sticking to a very sensible budget.

In fact, highlights of Lucy's and Trevor's adventure so far include living like a local in Paris, a month in a Georgian mansion overlooking the Irish Sea and living by the River Thames in London, just blocks from Henry VIII's palace at Hampton Court.

"We revel in gala art openings, free museum nights, city-wide music celebrations, river-side picnics and long walks in gorgeous neighbourhoods…all of which can be enjoyed free of charge," says Lucy.

Here's the good news


That's right!

As I'm about to show you, with the right resources, the right preparation, the right know-how and the right people to show you the way…

…it's actually never, EVER been easier to enjoy a "Baby Boomer Gap Year" on a very sensible budget—just like the Mitchells AND plenty of others already do!

And today, I'd like to PROVE to you that this is, indeed possible…

In the next few minutes, I'm going to give you a whole bunch of REAL-WORLD examples, REAL-WORLD stories and REAL-WORLD solutions YOU can use to get excited, get motivated and get started planning your next amazing, exciting and affordable "Baby Boomer Gap Year".

And just to be clear, you don't have to go for a whole year. We'll show you how you can travel the world for as long as you want…1 month, 3 months, 6 months…you name it.

I'm also going to help you decide if this is the kind of overseas experience you'd be suited for.

After all, the "Baby Boomer Gap Year" is not for everyone.

And it may not be for you.

But if you believe you have just a tiny bit of "wanderlust" or "global adventurer" in you—and you're curious about the idea of seeing more of the world while spending less than you are right now…

You'll definitely want to at least have a closer look at what I'm about to show you!

As you'll soon see, this is an amazingly realistic, super-exciting and surprisingly affordable way to experience a place that interests you for a month or more.

You're about to find out:


I'm going to introduce you to several other IL readers whose lives have been improved—thanks largely to
Baby Boomer Gap Year Travel.

Here you'll find out:

Right after that, it's time to grab a pen and a piece of paper!

You see, we've prepared a brief Self-Assessment for you…so we can quickly find out if you're cut out for the "Baby Boomer Gap Year" experience.

And right after your Self-Assessment, if you feel you're ready for it

…you can take a much closer look at an ACTIONABLE way you could start enjoying amazing, affordable overseas experiences in the world's best destinations for world travellers, expats and retirees as soon as possible (or perhaps a bit later on).

So sit back. Relax. And have a quick look at what I'm about to show you in the next few minutes.

This way, you'll get the complete nitty-gritty on Baby Boomer Gap Year travel…

…and how you can make them a part of your lifestyle as soon as this year.


If you're wondering what a "Baby Boomer Gap Year" actually is, here's the lowdown…

Basically, a "Baby Boomer Gap Year" is when you spend anywhere from one month up to a year or more in an overseas destination of your choice…

…then perhaps move on to another overseas destination to try that on for size.

It could be spending part of the year overseas…

…and then spending the rest of the year back home.

Essentially, it's "taking time off" from everyday life and exploring, experiencing and enjoying overseas destinations.

In fact, you've probably already heard of it in other forms.

Teachers and professors call it a sabbatical.

British students call it a gap year.

You might think of it as an escape.

Well, we like to call it a "Baby Boomer Gap Year"...since this is something you can REALLY do even if you're approaching "retirement" age!

Of course…

What we're really talking about here is FREEDOM!

Freedom from the day-to-day stresses of "reality" back home…

Freedom from financial strain and worries…

Freedom from doing the same, routine, ultra-boring things every weekday…weekend…and holiday season—year-in and year-out…

Freedom from it ALL!

And let me tell you something…

Once you reach this level of freedom (and it can be a lot EASIER for you to do that than you would imagine—especially these days)…

…I pretty much guarantee you…

…you WILL enjoy every second of your day—from the time you wake up to the time you doze off to sleep—with a renewed sense of wonder you thought had faded away years—even decades ago.

You see, when you take a "little break" from life at home and REALLY get out there…

…YOU REALLY CAN enjoy the kind of things most people put on their "bucket list"…but probably never get around to!

I'm talking about a chance to REALLY savour all of life's wonders

with complete and total passion!

What I'm saying is…you ABSOLUTELY could:

once you decide to take a Baby Boomer Gap Year yourself!

Imagine…while spending LESS than it costs to stay at home, you could:

Truth is, there's no limit on what you can experience—and where you can experience it—once you put your mind to it.

This is what your Baby Boomer Gap Year REALLY could be like!

As I said, this is really about the FREEDOM to fill every second of your day, doing whatever truly inspires you. And once you learn how to take a Baby Boomer Gap Year, you'll be able to tap into that freedom whenever you like.


Why isn't EVERYONE taking a Baby Boomer Gap Year these days?

UNFORTUNATELY, many—if not most—people believe that "Gap Years" are reserved ONLY for the young…and happen just "once in a lifetime"…

before "life gets in the way."

You know…that travelling the world for extended periods of time is something that you can ONLY do in your early or mid-20's…

…BEFORE you get a "real" job…find a partner…fall in love…get married…start a family…build a career…and save for retirement for the next 30 or 40 years.

Well guess what?


In fact, these days, we can show you it's never, EVER been easier, more affordable OR more socially acceptable for people of ANY age (even if you're 40…50…60…or even over 70 years old!) to take time off and explore the world for extended periods of time

…and have an absolutely amazing time doing it!


How long does a Baby Boomer Gap Year last for?

Well, there's no set time, really. That's one of the beauties of it. You can make your Baby Boomer Gap Year as long as you plan for.

It doesn't even have to be "one year" of travel!

For example, some people arrange to take a month per year and spend that time overseas.

Others may take full-advantage of visas that last up to 90 days…and stay put in exciting expat havens that offer these types of "expat-friendly" visas.

Other long-term travellers may like to stay in one place for six months or more in certain destinations around the world.

Perhaps you're interested in learning Spanish…

Or want to become a classically trained gourmet chef in France…

Or perhaps, you simply want to "slow down" and relax in an affordable expat haven that "feels like home."

Well…if you know how to stay abreast of local visa and residence laws, there are many excellent expat destinations all over the world in which you can stay legally for half a year or more.

And a little bit later on, I'll give you all the details on how you can start making one of these countries—and a few other expat gems like them—your new "home away from home."


Where are some of the best places to take Baby Boomer Gap Years right now?

Well…there are 195 countries in the world…and out of those 195 countries, our team of 200+ hard-working, globetrotting on-the-ground scouts have discovered a few gems.

I'm talking about welcoming, alluring and affordable expat destinations like:

Italy…where you can enjoy art, culture, awe-inspiring architecture, world-renowned food and "La Dolce Vita" on just $2,834 a month. La Dolce Vita means "the sweet life" and life gets no sweeter than in beautiful Italy. From romantic cities to timeless hill towns, and snowy mountains to a rivetingly beautiful coastline—Italy is a country that has something to offer everyone. Few countries in the world exert the same charm as Italy and this stunning country seems to have all the ingredients: wonderful climate, top-notch culture, a first-rate healthcare system, unspoiled countryside, colourful traditions and history and passionate, warm and friendly people. And surprisingly, in one "secret" expat hideout we know of in Italy, a couple can STILL live well—in today's rather "expensive" Italy—on as little as $2,834 a month!

Malaysia…where you can have a modern, tropical, sophisticated lifestyle on just $942 a month. Some say it's the finest tropical expat haven in the entire world. And for good reason. After all, this modern, sophisticated nation boasts affordable, first-class dream homes…exotic, uncrowded white-sand beaches, friendly, English-speaking locals who welcome expats with open arms, world-class healthcare facilities with English-speaking medical professionals and a whole lot more… And Malaysia is also very, VERY affordable. In fact, here, you could still live comfortably on as little as $942 a month.

Ecuador…where you can enjoy year-round "spring-like" weather, rich culture and amazing scenery for just $1,437 a month. From snow-capped volcanoes to dense jungle…sun-drenched Pacific beaches to the famous Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has something to suit all tastes. The temperate climate and rich culture make Ecuador an attractive destination for retirees seeking adventure abroad for pennies on the dollar. Just $1,437 a month can provide a couple with a very comfortable lifestyle in one Ecuador expat hotspot we know of.

And please keep in mind, these are just three destinations!

You see, there are many, many more out there for you to discover once you learn the secrets of the "Baby Boomer Gap Year"!

In fact, we've had our eye on 12 hotspots that will be perfect for this exciting way of travel.

In Southeast Asia, we love Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In Europe, we're big on France, Spain, Italy and Ireland at the moment.

And in Latin America, we've got Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize at the top of our list.

All 12 of these countries have something a bit different AND special to offer anyone in search of adventure and value.

In just a moment, I'll give you all the details on how you can make any of these 12 overseas destinations your new part-time home.

But right now, in case you're wondering just how in the world you'd spend your time if you were to visit another country for a month or more…

Here are perhaps the THREE most important things to keep in mind when you consider a Baby Boomer Gap Year

1) It's never an "all or nothing" decision!

There's no "rule" that states you must "give up everything" and spend the rest of your days living in some faraway land if you're planning on spending time overseas.

Far from it!

Most of the seasoned, diehard, super-long-term expats I know STILL come back to their home country at least once a year or so to visit friends and family, eat some home cooking, do some home shopping and "recharge the batteries."

And why not?

With international air travel so cheap these days, it makes perfect sense to do so!

What's more, many of the world's best overseas expat destinations like Thailand and Malaysia are closer than you think.

And you know what? Even places as far away as Costa Rica and Ecuador in Latin America are FANTASTIC places to visit for one to three months at a time…then return home when you're ready.

My point is…no matter where in the world you want to spend time, you're never, EVER "locked in" ANY place for good.

So if you want to spend, say, one month away…three months away…six months away…or maybe a whole year overseas…you can do that!

(And now that I think about it, that's what Elizabeth Gilbert did in her book, Eat Pray Love. Four months in Italy, four months in India and four months in Bali. Then back home. You could do something similar…something much shorter…or something even longer if you really want to.)

It's all up to you.

2) It's never been easier to spend time overseas!

Thanks to today's technology, spending time overseas is practically a breeze.

What was once a monumental hassle is now all possible with a few clicks of a mouse.

Think about it…everything from booking airfares to reserving concert tickets to managing your finances… In short, practically everything you need to do to live well overseas can now be done online!

I'm sure I don't need to remind you that it wasn't that long ago when this was completely unheard of.

This means as long as you have a laptop (or even just a mobile device) and an internet connection, you can take care of almost all of your overseas day-to-day "to do" items just about anywhere you want to be.

It really never has been easier to live and live well overseas, thanks to modern technology.

3) It's a perfect way to find your ultimate overseas retirement destination!

When you spend time overseas, you are, in a way, "test-driving" your overseas retirement.

Think about it.

You're living under the sun…working less (if at all)…doing the things you really want to do and are passionate about…travelling more…taking things slow…and simply savouring life.

You don't have to stay in one place if you don't like it! You can just move on!

For example, not everyone likes the tropical heat in Bangkok, Thailand. And if it's not for you, you might decide to check Bangkok off your potential "places to retire" list.

No problem. Just move onto the next spot that suits you better—perhaps the spring-like climate of Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

In fact, one smart thing you could do is make a list of 3…5…10 potential overseas retirement destinations and try them all out for a month or so.

Maybe do it all in one year…or over any timeframe that suits you.

However you want to do it, you've got the freedom to do it—like…

IL reader Claudia Brown—who now spends 3 months each year in Europe and absolutely loves it!

She got her first taste of living overseas as an exchange student in Tours, France and Madrid, Spain while at university.

And ever since then, she always dreamed of living overseas once again.

She soon got her chance as a "trailing spouse" in Bern, Switzerland and Frankfurt, Germany for a few years.

But that wasn't enough.

She wanted to experience that feeling of freedom and wonder all over again.

And so about 18 months ago, she finally decided to do something about it.

"I decided if not now, when?" Claudia said.

"The prospect of going abroad again to live in, and learn about, other cultures and create new adventures was stimulating and motivated me to get started immediately. Living abroad has always been a favourite part of my life. And I knew I wanted to revisit past memories and experiences—and make new ones during this stage of my life."

Claudia decided to start spending three months abroad each year.

Last year, Claudia spent three months in Nice, France on the Riviera.

Here she took daily walks on the Promenade des Anglais along the Mediterranean and enjoyed Provence's lovely temperate weather.

This year, Claudia is spending three months in Florence, Italy. And if one thing's for sure, she's sure enjoying "La Dolce Vita!"

"I enjoy visiting local museums for a couple hours or meeting friends for a coffee or gelato. Or I wander the cobblestone streets in the historic centre which always unveils some hidden treasure like an artisan shop, a charming café or an historic church," she said.

"When possible, I linger over long leisurely lunches at outdoor cafés and engage in one of my favourite pastimes—people watching. In Florence, around dusk, I may walk along the river to glimpse beautiful sunsets and snap a photo or two. Also, at night, it's a great time to walk around the tourist areas and quietly, gently experience the sites like the majestic Duomo since most city visitors have already returned to their hotels for the night."

She's had no problems making new friends in her new locale, either.

"Evenings may include a social event, in the company of locals and expats. There's always some scheduled event where you can meet for brunch, cocktails, dancing, trips, cultural events."

Next year, Claudia plans to spend three months in Barcelona, Spain. And then she'll spend the rest of her time back home in Florida.

She also suggests the "test-drive" approach to spending extended time overseas.

"For someone thinking of living abroad, a stepping-stone approach such as the one I'm doing may work for them. Even if they're sure of where they want to live or retire, it's better to 'test-drive' the location and see how you like it and how it feels. Today, more and more people are dipping their toe in the water and staying some months in multiple locales which may at some point result in a longer stay or a retire abroad decision."

And when asked about any advice she may have for anyone pondering spending time overseas, Claudia didn't hesitate!

"To anyone toying with the idea, I'd say go for it! Give it a try. Dip your toe in the water. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!"

And Claudia is just ONE of MANY part-time expats who now enjoy a much better life by spending part of the year overseas.

You've also got…

Martin Kennedy and Sara Baldwin—retired in 2010 and now spend several months per year in warm, sunny Ecuador…

Today, Martin and Sara enjoy the year-round spring climate (and incredibly low cost of living) in the Ecuadorian mountain city of Cuenca.

Here they live in a fabulous four-bedroom, 185-square-metre apartment with high ceilings, large windows and a gorgeous church directly across the street, in the centre of the downtown historic district.

"Since our rent and utilities only run $530 a month," says Martin, "we keep the apartment year-round and just lock the doors when it's time to return to Canada."

"Cuenca offers so many things for us to do, without the need for streaming movies, TV or motorised anything," Sara says.

"To start, we are learning Spanish (not quickly), our volunteer activities revolve around the youth of Cuenca through the local university, and our cultural pursuits include the symphony, live theatre productions, artists and artists' communities. There are so many galleries, festivals and parades that we often have to make a choice to miss one event over another."

The year-round pleasant climate in Ecuador is a big plus, too.

"We love the climate of Ecuador," says Martin. "There are so many choices within a few hours from Cuenca—to the west are beautiful beaches and to the east the Amazon rainforest. Sure, the weather is often cool in Cuenca, but that is simply a function of living in the mountains. It sure beats having snow on the ground for months at a time in Toronto."

Martin and Sara's budget while living in Cuenca is amazingly affordable. Laundry services set them back around $40, while they spend roughly $100 on transportation and $460 on food (including eating out). All told, their monthly expenses come to less than $1,600 a month.

The couple has no medical coverage while in Ecuador. Since doctor visits average $40 per appointment, they simply pay out of pocket as the need arises.

With their downtown apartment in Toronto and a beautiful apartment in Cuenca, Martin and Sara truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

And there are hundreds of thousands—even MILLIONS more other expats now enjoying life-changing Baby Boomer Gap Years in the world's greatest destinations!

And guess what?

Soon YOU could be
enjoying an affordable, adventure-filled
Baby Boomer Gap Year, too!

That's right.

Well…if you take a few simple steps…do a minimum of planning…and ensure you've got the right people behind you to help show you the way…

You see…there really is nothing from stopping anyone from taking at least a month off to experience the world in grand style.

And it really is so much easier these days than you'd ever think.

So…How well-suited to this lifestyle are you? Let's find out right now.

What I'd like to do is give you a mini "Self-Assessment" of sorts.

I've created this Self-Assessment as a way to help you gauge whether this lifestyle is for you or not.

So right now, I'm going to ask you a series of questions…

You'll answer "yes" or "no" to each one.

And you'll give yourself a score—1 for "yes" and 0 for "no".

If you don't have a pen and paper handy—go grab them now. They'll help you keep track of your score.

I'm going to list the qualities I believe the people who get the most out of Baby Boomer Gap Years all share.

And then you can see how you measure up.

I should say, too, that just because at the end you might not meet the minimum points…that doesn't mean you can't spend quality, extended time overseas.

This isn't meant to be a definitive, be-all, end-all thing.

It's simply an indicator. A guide, if you will.

All right…so let's get to it…

Question #1—Are you comfortable using the internet to research potential overseas destinations?

I'm assuming you already are since you're using a computer and the internet to learn about this opportunity right now.

But I ask because the internet makes finding your ideal place or places to spend extended time overseas almost infinitely easier these days. The same goes for finding places to eat…to shop…to get medical care…just about everything you can think of!

So you'll need to be comfortable using the internet…IF you want to get the absolute most out of this opportunity.

If you are, answer YES and assign yourself one point.

Question #2—Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the "expat" lifestyle…but thought you would have to "give up" too much to make it happen?

Maybe you've dreamed of living right by the beach…in the mountains…in a colonial home…or in a thriving cosmopolitan capital city.

Maybe you've wondered what it would be like to always be meeting new people…trying new foods…learning new languages…smelling strange, new smells while you're in your new overseas destination of choice for a while…

And maybe you've asked yourself, "Could I ever do that?" but something in the back of your mind told you that doing something like that would be next to impossible.

Well…if that thought or dream has ever crossed your mind…if you've ever dreamed of exploring more overseas but thought, maybe, you'd have to give up too much to do so…go ahead and answer YES and give yourself a point.

Question #3—Do you believe it's possible to travel and live well overseas on a modest budget?

I ask you this because some people believe this would cost a small fortune. But while it is very much possible for most people to spend thousands and thousands of dollars per week on things like first-class air travel, expensive hotel rooms and fancy restaurants, it's 100% unnecessary to spend that much to have an absolutely amazing time overseas.

In fact, some of the best moments you'll have overseas are those that are 100% free or nearly free.

So if you answered YES to believing it's possible to live and travel well overseas on a modest budget, go ahead and give yourself a point.

Question #4—Are you willing to stay in a place other than a hotel when you travel overseas?

I ask you this because not everyone likes to travel in alternative ways. Some people like the predictability and dare I say, monotony of the big mainstream hotels and what they offer. You know…they like the mini-bar…room service…the freshly-washed white hotel towels folded like trumpeter swans on the bed each morning…the kind of thing you'll find at hotels all over the world.

But others prefer the comforts of staying in rented-out bungalows, apartments and homes…and don't mind at all "giving up" things like room service and mini-bars in exchange for all the other wonderful things you'll have at your fingertips when you live in a real "residence" for a longer period of time.

So if you think you'd rather spend extended time overseas in a "home" type of accommodation instead of a hotel, answer YES and give yourself a point.

Question #5—Do you feel you have a decent sense of curiosity and adventure?

This is an important question to ask yourself. Why? Because if you're content with just "sitting at home" and flipping channels in front of the TV…and not really "getting out there" and seeing and experiencing everything that this wonderful world has to offer, then this way of travelling the world probably isn't for you.

Sure, you can and should absolutely spend some days at your new part-time "home" (wherever in the world you may be) simply relaxing and taking it easy. No worries! But the people who really get the most out of this experience are the ones who REALLY want to get out there and SEE and DO and TASTE and TOUCH and FEEL all of their new surroundings.

You know…to actually go to the top of the Eiffel Tower at dusk…swim in a volcanic lake in Costa Rica…sail past majestic karst limestone islands jutting out of the sea in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam…and really GET OUT THERE.

If you feel this describes you well, answer YES to this question and give yourself a point.

Question #6—Do you think you could free up a few weeks—or perhaps even a few months or more—of free time to "test-drive" an overseas retirement in the near future?

This is also a really big one. Although you can take Baby Boomer Gap Years for as little as one to two weeks per year if you want to, if you really want to "test-drive" an overseas retirement in a place that interests you, it's probably in your best interest to spend quality, extended time in your favourite potential overseas retirement destinations.

You know…a few weeks or months instead of just a quick holiday.

That way, you'll get to know your destination on a much deeper level.

Not everyone can take a few weeks or months off each year to spend quality time overseas. But if you can, go ahead and answer YES and give yourself another point.

Question #7—Does the idea of connecting with the local community while spending time overseas (instead of doing only "mainstream" tourist activities) intrigue you?

This question goes hand-in-hand with Question #4 about staying in hotels vs. staying in "long-term" accommodation overseas.

You see, some people simply prefer to hang out with other tourists and do just "touristy" things…instead of getting to know the locals and finding out what it's REALLY like to live in the area.

You'll see this all over the world. Just go to any mainstream resort in Asia and you'd be surprised how many people go all the way there and never leave the resort property once or explore the region. It's like they've never really left home!

But if you're the type of person that really wants to get to know your local community…go to the restaurants, cafes, bars and other spots that mainstream tourists never find out about…get invited to private parties with long-time locals and other well-connected expats, then answer YES to this final question and give yourself one more point.

OK, so that's all the questions I've got about Baby Boomer Gap Years for you…

And there are a total of 7 points possible here.

If you scored a 4 or higher, I'd consider you to be a good candidate for a Baby Boomer Gap Year.

If you scored below that, please don't be discouraged.

As I've mentioned, ANYBODY can spend quality time overseas travelling from place to amazing place—while spending less than you probably are right now—if you really put your mind to it.

It's simply a matter of having the desire…and getting a good handle on your options.

That's something I want to talk further about here now.

If you scored a 4 or higher, stick with me here so we can explore together how you might proceed…


Here's a quick, easy and effective way to embark on a Baby Boomer Gap Year RIGHT AWAY…with our help!

You see, we at International Living Australia have always been aware of a simple truth.

A truth that I mentioned earlier on…

It's the truth that you don't need to go "all or nothing" when you decide you want to spend time overseas.

If you want to spend just one month a year overseas…that's great. Go for it!

Want to spend a bit longer exploring the world? Maybe three months per year every year overseas? Perfect. With the right help and guidance, you can easily do that, too.

And if you want to stay longer than that overseas each year, it's absolutely possible to do that as well. You just need to know what you're doing!

Right now, International Living works together with over 200 on-the-ground scouts, expats, experts and correspondents all over the world.

And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has done what I'm talking about to you today: spent quality time overseas while spending less than most people do "back home."

Many of the more experienced travellers didn't have luxuries like the internet (or for some, even guidebooks!) when they first started out spending time overseas.

They had to learn "the hard way".

They had to learn where to go…where to find affordable places to stay…what to do…how long they could legally stay in each country they visited…and on and on and on.

In other words, they've done an absolutely enormous amount of work and gained an enormous amount of experience in this area…BEFORE the internet was even a "thing!"

So we thought it would be a great idea to pool all the best tips and ideas our team has discovered over the years and decades together…to help our readers start spending time overseas with a simple click of a mouse.

All this and more is why we recently created a program that details everything we know about taking a Baby Boomer Gap Year…everything we've learned…and everything we think anyone should do before embarking on one of these life-changing adventures.

So after several months of really hard work, we've put the final touches on a resource that I'm sure most of our globetrotting correspondents wish they had "back in the day".

It sure would have saved a lot of headaches!

We've named this resource…

The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas

And this ALL-NEW password-protected, members-only online resource will help you answer ALL of your questions about spending time overseas…

…no matter what your situation may be right now…

…no matter where you dream of going…

…or no matter how long you want to spend time off overseas…rejuvenating yourself…and having the time of your life!

We created The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas to help ANYONE—regardless of current employment situation, age or financial status—get started planning their first (or their next) amazing overseas experience with a bare minimum of hassle and expense.

In just a moment, I'll show you how you can gain access to the huge collection of proven "shortcuts" to enjoying an extended stay overseas you'll discover with The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas at your fingertips.

But before I show you exactly what you'll get when you take me up on this special offer (including a few special bonuses just for you)…

…I'd like to quickly point out three distinct advantages The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas has over ANY other book or website that shows you how to spend time overseas.

The "IL Advantage" #1: Our correspondents have selected the finest overseas locations for YOU in which to enjoy quality time

Here's the deal.

Right now, you have 195 countries to choose from…

That's quite a lot!


No worries!

Fortunately, we've done all the guesswork for you.

You see, we've figured out which countries offer the best possible travel and lifestyle experiences for anyone interested specifically in living better for less, overseas.

And in The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas, we reveal the countries and destinations where you can do just that.

You'll find out how to:

All that and more.

With The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas at your side, you won't have to "guess" where you should go and spend quality, extended time overseas.

The locations we've got in mind for you are superb.

In fact, many IL readers already call the destinations we cover in The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas home—either part-time or full-time.

The same goes for many of our 200+ correspondents.

Perhaps someday soon, you will, too.

The "IL Advantage" #2: We show you cost-of-living estimates for the overseas expat havens in which you'll want to stay

A frequent question we hear from "first-time" expats is…

"How much money will I need?"

It's an important question to answer.

That's why we put together some sample budgets for the locations we feel are best suited for our readers.

In The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas, you'll find out how much money you should expect to spend each month to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while spending time overseas.

You'll find out how much money you can expect to spend on:

With these sample cost-of-living budgets in hand, you'll have a great idea how much money you'll need to have saved…before you go.

And the good news is—with the expat destinations we cover in The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas, you won't need much!

In fact, with some of the destinations we cover in The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas, you only need as little as $942 to spend a fantastic month in a world-class expat destination like Malaysia!

Paris or Dublin…you'll need a bit more.

No doubt about it!

But even in these "pricier" destinations, you'd be surprised at how far your dollar can stretch if you're smart about it.

The "IL Advantage" #3: We've been covering the world's best expat destinations for over 37 years

We've been exploring the world on our reader's behalf for over 37 years, so when it comes to living better for less, overseas…you can rest assured that we know what we're talking about.

This is what we do. Plain and simple.

In fact, since pretty much all of our correspondents are living overseas full-time, they're doing EXACTLY what this guide will show you how to do!

In other words, they're not just "talking the talk"…but "walking the walk" too!

So when you read through the pages of The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas, you're leveraging the experience of all of our global correspondents who live part-time or full-time in world-class expat havens like Malaysia…Cambodia…Vietnam…Thailand…France…Italy…Spain…Ireland…Panama…Costa Rica…Ecuador…and Belize.

You'll be able to discover everything they've learned…all the little "secrets" they've picked up along the way…and then use that "insider" information before you go!

And let me tell you something…this could be a HUGE time, money and energy saver!

And you'll find out all of our correspondents best secrets…and a whole lot more…in the pages of The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

In The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas,
you'll discover:






You'll find out all this—and a lot more—in The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

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You see, The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas comes with all kinds of useful extras when you agree to give it a try right now…

SPECIAL BONUS #1: How To Stay In Europe Legally For As Long As You Want!

Europe has long been one of the most desirable expat destinations in the entire world.

It's where Ernest Hemingway made a name for himself as an author after writing The Sun Also Rises in Paris in 1926.

It's where many of today's famous celebrities spend part or most of the year. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own a lavish estate in France. George Clooney owns a villa in Italy. And Madonna owns several properties in London.

And it's where millions of tourists from all over the world head each year to soak up its rich history culture and heritage.

So what do you do if you love Europe—like so many others do—and you want to stay longer than just a few weeks…but you're concerned about your visa?

Of course, you don't want to overstay. And you may not have millions and millions of dollars like some of the celebrities who come over to Europe, buy multimillion-dollar properties and get a special visa?

No worries.

Turns out there's a special visa you can get that will allow you to stay in Europe legally for a much longer period of time than ordinary tourists. It's not hard to obtain. It's not difficult to understand, either. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

And in SPECIAL BONUS #1: How To Stay In Europe Legally For As Long As You Want, you'll find out exactly how to do it.

And this bonus is yours FREE when you order The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

You'll also get…

SPECIAL BONUS #2: A Few Easy Ways To Earn Some Extra Income "On The Side" While You're Overseas

When you take time off to head overseas for a while, you may not want to do anything.

You may just want to read…shop at open-air markets…go to the cinema…or watch the sunset with friends every day.

And if that's what you want to do, then no worries!

But let's say you're interested in partially funding your overseas trip with a little "side money" while you're away.

Can you do that?


There are lots of ways to get paid abroad so you can live anywhere or travel anytime.

You don't need special qualifications.

You don't ever have to punch a time clock.

So if you're looking for a portable income while you spend time overseas…whether to fund your stay or just add "pocket money" to your retirement nest egg…there are a few ways you can do it.

Yes, opportunities like this really do exist, and you don't need years of specialised training before they pay, either.

What's more, you don't need a particular qualification to get started, and you don't need long experience to make a go of them as well.

In this special report, Easy, Fun, Portable Ways to Get Paid Overseas, we'll tell you about some of the careers that could fund your new and improved life overseas.

And these are fun, easy, portable careers that you can do from anywhere in the world…France, Thailand, Ecuador…wherever your heart desires!

And you'll get Easy, Fun, Portable Ways to Get Paid Overseas FREE—today—just for taking a look at The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

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So you really DO get everything you need to enjoy a fantastic overseas experience.

Everything you need to travel, discover, explore, and experience the world's finest overseas expat and retiree destinations for months at a time…without making any major sacrifices whatsoever.

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All of that is yours—including the full bundle of extras—when you agree to take a no-obligation look at The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas right now.

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So…how much is The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas really worth?

Well…consider this.

Let's say you decide to do it.

You decide to go.

You decide to take time off and spend a month (or perhaps more) in one of the locations we detail in The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

For starters, you could try and do it all on your own.

Many people do.

But if you go that route, let me warn you…the chances of making a few mistakes (and literally paying for them dearly) will be much, much higher.

I promise you this!

And it wouldn't make much sense to do it this way, either.

I mean…why pay more for a return air ticket…or a monthly beachfront rental…or a rental car…when you can find out how experienced travellers and expats who have already done this have gone about it…and simply learn from what they've done?

It makes sense, when you really think about it. And "following the experts" can save you a lot of money, too.

Now…let's say you have decided to "follow the experts" and travel like a pro to the top expat havens we recommend.

And you discover that you can wind up saving thousands of dollars per month in a place that completely rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.

A place where the weather is agreeable year-round…where the people are friendly…where the food is out-of-this-world…and where the prices are low enough that you've stopped worrying about finances for the first time since you were a child.

What kind of price tag would you put on that?

How much money could that save you in the future?

Not only could you wind up saving tens of thousands of dollars…but think about your future retirement! Your future well-being! Your future peace-of-mind!

It goes without saying…you can't really put a price tag on ANY on that!

We're not going to charge you a huge amount of money for our research…even though what you'll discover in the pages of The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas is the result of years and years of painstaking research…

AND the considerable investment to keep our team of 200+ globetrotting correspondents out there on the road.

So here's the deal.

You're not going to pay thousands of dollars for The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

Even if I were to ask for a one-time payment of $396 to own this, it would be an incredible value. When you really think about it—considering all of the potentially life-changing—and retirement-saving—information you'll discover—this is a veritable steal at this price.

In fact, it could wind up paying for itself hundreds of times over on just one extended trip!

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Here is…the FAST-REPLY BONUS: How To Get The Best Deal On Every Airfare You Buy

As I'm sure you know, airfares can run to thousands of dollars and put a massive dent into your savings.

The good news is, if you're armed with the right information, you can SAVE hundreds—even thousands of dollars—on every airfare you buy.

And you can find out exactly how to do that in the special report, "How To Get The Best Deal On Every Airfare You Buy."

You'll discover how to get astounding prices when booking plane tickets, the best websites to use, some tricks that will lower your final purchase price, special quirks particular to the world's biggest airlines and their websites.

You'll also find out how to make the most of your frequent flyer miles.

I strongly believe that this special report alone could pay for itself 10 times over or more every time you travel overseas.

And it's yours FREE when you order The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

By the way, with this resource at your fingertips I Guarantee You'll Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Taking An Affordable Baby Boomer Gap Year—Starting This Year!

If you're truly seeking a REAL way to take a break from the everyday world, head overseas for a month or more…and completely reinvigorate your zest for life…

…to live in places where you can finally afford to do the kinds of things you've always dreamed about…where the people are always in a good mood…where the fresh, new and exciting food tantalises your taste buds like never before…and where the scenery, history and culture inspire the true "artist" within you…

…then I think you'll be impressed when you see The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

In fact…

I'm so sure you'll like what you find that you can have your money back within 30 days if you don't.

Take your time and browse through all of this.

And then ask yourself if you still think spending time overseas is for you or not.

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And you could soon be spending your days doing the kind of "bucket list" activities most people only dream of…yet never, ever get around to actually doing.

Whatever YOUR dream is…you can find out exactly how it's done once you gain access to The Secrets To A Baby Boomer Gap Year: IL's Guide To Spending 1 Month…6 Months… Or Even A Year Overseas.

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living Australia

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