"We would need at least four times the income to live [in Australia] the way we are living here…"

—Terry and Arisa, from Queensland

Find Out How YOU Can Retire Early And Live Comfortably In Today's BALI…

… On As Little As $1,590 A Month (Or Less!)

Dear International Living Australia Reader,

They're just four hours away by plane from their home state of Queensland.

But Terry Bishop, 59, and Arisa Inlakesh, 56, get to enjoy a much more affordable lifestyle in their part-time "home away from home."

It's a modern, one-bedroom furnished villa—complete with a large garden—that sets them back just $800 a month. And it's just a short walk from the lush green jungle surrounding their Balinese villa to the nearby ocean.

It's a relaxing island life, as Arisa explains, "I like to wake up and do my qigong, which is an exercise practice that's like tai chi. Afterwards, we like to take a stroll down to the beach and find a beautiful place to swim. If we need some greens, sprouts or fruit, we'll pick them up at the local warung (a small local shop). And sometimes, we stop to feed the fish in the lovely little pond where we live."

Since their villa is so cheap to rent, they always have plenty of money left over each month to pay for their household help, buy fresh produce, indulge in regular massages and explore their new surroundings.

"We would have to have at least four times the income to live the way we are living here," says Arisa.

“We live comfortably on just $1,590 a month.”

Candidasa, just 90 minutes north of Denpasar International Airport by car, offers an ideal lifestyle for expats and retirees seeking peace and quiet in an affordable, tropical setting. Its laid-back ambience, sweeping panoramic views of the nearby Gili Islands and Lombok, and ideal location for exploring Bali's exotic tropical surroundings all make it a great place to set up a new home base.

"We sometimes go to Jasri Beach, where there's a massive swing and you can swing out over the ocean," says Terry.

"There's also a freshwater lagoon right in the middle of town that has a pond containing thousands of lilies that open to the size of dinner plates at night. It's a lovely walk. Sometimes we can hear chanting from the Ghandi Ashram on the grounds. It's across the road from the Temple of the Fertility Goddess Hariti, and people from all around Bali come there when they are hoping to conceive children.

"Sometimes, we'll take a walk through a rural coconut plantation that's just a little inland. We regularly go out on a jukung (a local-style outrigger canoe) to visit White Sand Beach or just for a sail around the outcrop islands. It's spectacular."

And even though Candidasa is a bit "off the beaten path" compared to other more popular destinations in Bali, Terry and Arisa have had no problem making new friends. In fact, they have a rather active social life in Candidasa. "There are about 100 expats that live here and they really are a worldwide group," Arisa says.

All over Bali—"The Island of the Gods"—you'll find forward-thinking, budget-minded Aussie now living life to the fullest on an island most people only dream of visiting on holiday.

And they're all saving heaps of money in the process…

In Bali, You Can Enjoy A Richer Lifestyle For A Fraction Of What It Costs To Live In Australia (If You Know Where To Look…)

Here's the lowdown on Bali these days…

Over 1 million Australians visited Bali in 2017.

Yet most only do just that…

They just visit…

And then they go back home.

BUT IF YOU GO ONE STEP FURTHER and decide you want to LIVE in Bali and make it your new part-time or full-time HOME…

…you'll QUICKLY find that instead of just experiencing Bali as a mainstream tourist, YOU can go much, MUCH deeper and start enjoying the kind of fun, fulfilling and affordable tropical island lifestyle most people only dream of.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

My name is Jackie Flynn.

I'm the Publisher of International Living Australia.

And today, I'd like to introduce you to an "insider's view" of Bali…

…and show you just how exotic, exciting and especially AFFORDABLE life in Bali can be.

In today's Bali…

And as I mentioned, Terry and Arisa are far from the only Aussies "living the dream" in Bali these days.

You'll find plenty more!

“I save hundreds of dollars each month by being in Bali…”

Five years ago, Bali expat Bill S. was still living full-time in Australia. But one day, while sitting with his friend Rick in the yard over a beer, they came up with an idea.

"Why not go to Bali?"

After all, they knew it was super-close to Australia. And they also knew finding affordable round-trip flights to Bali wouldn't be a problem, either.

So they packed their bags, grabbed their passports and just decided to go!

"The idea came to us like a bolt of lightning. Looking back, it was so crazy for two guys in their 50s to get an idea like that and just go for it," says Bill.

Little did Bill know, that impromptu holiday would completely change his life forever. He fell in love with Bali's slow pace, beautiful beaches, relaxing lifestyle and friendliness of the Balinese people.

So he decided to make Bali his new "home away from home."

Today, Bill rents a furnished studio apartment in a quiet part of Legian—a laid-back surfside town just north of lively Kuta Beach.

"It's in a perfect location on a quiet lane so it's like I'm in a lush countryside setting. My apartment has air-conditioning, Pay TV, a terrace, fridge and kitchen. When I factor in electricity, bottom line rental is only $300 per month."

And although Bill doesn't live in Bali full-time, he always relishes returning every few months to stay in the apartment he keeps there.

"Upon arrival in Bali, the feeling is always the same, just like a switch is turned off and relaxation takes over when I walk into my apartment. By the time I hit the beach with a cold beer, I'm in another world," Bill says.

“I save hundreds of dollars each month by being in Bali. The cost of food, entertainment and beer is a fraction of the cost of Australia. I can find my favourite local dish "mie goreng seafood" (stir-fried egg noodles with seafood and vegetables) anywhere for $3, my beloved avocado juice for $1 and beer for $2.50!”

"The cost of living here is so low."

Expat Mike H. also enjoys an extremely affordable, fulfilling lifestyle in Bali up north in Lovina—a quiet, laidback town he discovered on a backpacking trip many years ago.

And he's found that Bali is worlds apart (for the better!) from his life in Australia.

"The biggest difference between Australia and Bali is the community aspect. It is common in Australia for neighbours to not even know each other by name. In Bali, everyone knows everyone, which of course has it pluses and minuses but, in my experience, it has been overwhelmingly positive," Mike said.

"Other advantages are the low cost of living, the ease of setting up a tourism business, and the low salary costs, making it possible to employ more people than you may need. Bali is an easy and beautiful place for foreigners to live."

Before arriving in Bali, Mike dreamt of running a small guesthouse. And thanks to Bali's low cost-of-living, high tourism numbers and ease of starting a new business, his dream has finally come true.

Mike's guesthouse now has solid bookings throughout the year and gets completely booked out during the high season.

“A guest said to me the other day, 'You have really created a great lifestyle for yourself.' I couldn't help but smile and think, yes—a million miles away from my former life,” Mike said.

And since Mike lives on the much-less-touristy north side of the island, he's found it's extremely affordable.

The cost of living here is so low," Mike said. "Our basic expenses, such as food and utilities, cost around $650 a month. A dinner for two, including drinks—at least two large beers for me and iced tea for my wife—costs under $25."

In Bali, You'll Never Run Out Of Fun Things To Do…

Once you make Bali your new part-time or full-time home, you'll have a whole new world at your doorstep—each and every day you're there.

The opportunities are endless.

You can…

And RIGHT NOW, You Can STILL Find Some Great RENTAL Deals In Bali…

NOTE: Although you CAN buy property in Bali, we highly recommend renting first so you can get a feel for living on the island. That's what most people prefer to do, anyway. It's quick. It's easy. And it's something you can arrange before you even leave home, should you choose to do so.

And here's some good news…

If you know where to look, you can STILL find great rental deals in Bali's finest places to live.

Check out these examples of recent property rental deals…

You can find great rental deals in Bali at a very affordable price

So if you've ever dreamed of living in your own place in Bali at a very affordable price, you can rest assured that you can.

Here's How Far Even A Modest Budget Can Go in Bali TODAY

While it's true that certain aspects have become expensive in recent years (one night's stay at the Luna 2 Private Hotel in Seminyak starts at $3,000 a night!)…

…you can STILL live VERY affordably in Bali…provided you don't follow the well-worn tourist trail.

Here's a sample monthly budget for a couple that wishes to live comfortably AND affordably in Bali today:

Rent: $500 to $1,100
Electricity: $80
Water: $7
Mobile Phone: $10
Gas: $2
Internet: $20
TV: $30
Eating out: $150 to $300
Housekeeper (six hours a week) : $100
Pool Maintenance: $40
Gardner: $30
Transportation (car rental): $60 to $250
Fuel: $35
Health Insurance: $45
TOTAL: $1,109 to $2,049

NOTE: If you buy your own car or motorbike, this monthly budget could wind up even less in the long run!

Up your monthly budget to, say, $2,500 to $3,000 a month, and you can live like royalty - including living in luxury properties, fine-dining at upscale restaurants, and even international travel…

…all for a fraction of the cost-of-living in Australia.

And as a result, your financial peace-of-mind and your overall lifestyle will improve dramatically…

…and all while living on this exotic island!

But Don't Wait… The Word About Retiring on Bali is Getting Out!

"With an ageing population resulting in record numbers of Australians approaching retirement age, our northern neighbour is emerging as an alternative for people looking to maintain their quality of life throughout retirement while saving money."

- Herald Sun

"BALI is a great leveller, with expats from unlikely backgrounds connecting in cafes and clubs. Those who would be hard-pressed to pay the weekly grocery bill in Australia can afford to eat out frequently here…You live on a third here of what you need in Australia."

- The Australian

"A recent survey of Australians living in Bali by Dr. Davies and Dr. Aileen Hoath found people aged over 60 moved to Bali because they were able to access high quality housing in a desirable natural environment and access affordable in-home help, all for a much lower cost than Australia."

- WA Today

And if there's one thing we've learned over the past several decades, it's this:

Once the word gets out, prices go up.

It's all but inevitable.

That's why NOW is the BEST TIME EVER to get your hands on the most trustworthy “inside” intelligence on Bali you can find and give this tropical island a much closer look…if living or retiring on Bali is something you've always dreamed of doing one day.

Just think of it…

"Living The Dream"

The opportunities our scouts researched are the best places in Bali to live well on a budget…retire in first-class style…and completely recharge and rejuvenate your lifestyle!

Scouts like full-time expat Josephine Brierley.

I'll introduce her to you in just a minute…

Imagine how easy it would be if you had my island scouts pointing the way for you, step-by-step…

Well… I'd like to offer you the "next best thing" right now.

It's a way for you to leverage all of the hard-won intelligence our on-the-ground scouts recently uncovered in Bali…and put this intelligence to good use for YOUR next trip.

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It's not just a simple guide for "tourists" who want to come to Bali for a week or two and then just fly back home.

And it's nothing like what you'll find in bookstores, read about on travel websites, or hear about from friends.

Instead, Escape to Bali gives you everything you need to not just visit, but LIVE, EXPLORE, BUY REAL ESTATE, EARN INCOME and RETIRE in Bali today.

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It's like having a consultant walk you through your options and offer you advice.

Only instead of paying somebody hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their time and expertise, you get the benefit of author Josphine Brierley's hard-won, on-the-ground experience of starting a new life in Bali.

She's done all the hard work for you…so you don't have to!

Meet Josephine Brierley Your Eyes “On The Ground” Contact In Bali and Author of Escape to Bali

Living in Bali was a lifelong dream for Josephine and her husband Rob.

They'd been travelling from Australia to Bali for some quality rest and relaxation since 2004.

They loved Bali so much, that several years ago, she and Rob decided to move to Bali permanently.

They made the beach town of Sanur their new home.

It was a welcome change from their former, more stressful lives in Australia.

“For years back in Australia, we worked in high pressure roles. Rob managed a Bunnings store for 19 years and my role as an Area Manager meant I was away from home two weeks of every month. Routine ruled our lives and long days meant we hardly saw each other,” Josephine said.

“While on holiday in Bali in 2015, we became aware of an opportunity to manage a beach restaurant in Sanur. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. After rushed meetings before returning home, and many emails to follow, our decision was made”

“We sold up our home, our cars, and most of our belongings and moved to Bali. We now manage a beach side restaurant called Beach House Sanur, and even though we still have responsibilities, our work to lifestyle ratio leans much more to the relaxing side.”

“I have plenty of time to spend writing novels, something I've wanted to focus on for many years but never had the time.”

As you can see, full-time Bali expat Josephine has already done all the "hard" stuff.

She's already made the move to Bali with her husband.

She's already had to figure out the best places to live…what visa to apply for…how to build a network of trustworthy contacts…where to discover the best restaurants…the works.

She's even learned how to run a business in Bali!

And she's taken everything she learned in her experience moving to Bali and documented it in the comprehensive manual Escape to Bali, which you'll receive as part of this massive offer.

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And along the way, Wendy discovered many "unexpected" fun things to do and see…and kept track of her discoveries in a journal.

Things like great "off the beaten path" restaurants which charge only a few dollars for a fantastic local meal…exciting, exotic and affordable activities you won't see advertised in most Bali tourism mags…magnificent sights to visit in Bali that other tourists simply don't know about…and more.

After Wendy's exploratory trip to Bali, she noticed she had taken a large amount of random yet potentially helpful notes on what to see and do.

So she decided to take these notes in her journal and put together a brief "report" that reveals all of her random tips in one place…so that anyone interested in giving Bali a closer look can use these tips on future visits.

We've called this Special Digital Bonus Report, Bali: Off the Beaten Path—The Best Things to Do, Places to Eat and Sights to Visit.

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…to benefit from a much lower cost-of-living than what you'll find in Australia…

…to make friends with other expats from all over the world (and make friends with plenty of super-friendly Balinese locals, too!)…

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn,
Publisher, International Living Australia

P.S. You can live well in Bali on a remarkably modest budget, since prices in Bali are STILL far, far lower than what you'll find in Australia. As little as $1,590 a month or less can provide you with a surprisingly comfortable lifestyle in Bali…even if you rent an authentic oceanview Balinese villa, hire a housekeeper and dine out regularly! But don't wait for long if you want to discover affordable Bali yourself. The time is NOW. If you've ever wanted to make "The Island of the Gods" your new part-time or full-time home, don't waste another moment and order this white-hot resource on today's Bali NOW! You'll be glad you did.

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Here's what a few more expats have to say about their new, stress-free and more affordable lifestyles in today's Bali:

"I enjoy both local and Australian food. I like to cook and frequent local markets for ingredients. I also enjoy small local cafés; the Balinese food is delicious and varied. A full Australian breakfast in my favourite little café goes for $2.50, a delicious suckling pig lunch for the same price, and a cold local Bintang beer for the same price or less, with a local Bali coffee coming in at less than $1."

Bernie M.
Bali Expat

"I have more friends since I have been living in Bali then I ever had in Australia. I have many local friends and many expat friends whom I have met here. I have friends from the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and more. Life is good—it is easy and uncomplicated with no stress."

Kris R.
Bali Expat