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Dear International Living Australia Reader,

In the country that takes the #1 spot on our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings, you could ditch the expense and stress of life back home and embrace the excitement of an exotic locale without sacrificing the conveniences of modern life.

This is a country where a couple can live well for $2,400 a month or even less—and you have beach-fringed islands, jungle retreats and buzzing cities to explore…

In one coastal retreat, for instance, you can enjoy long wide sandy beaches and a year-round tropical climate. The warm water is a turquoise blue, tall palms tower over the beach and the sun shines year-round.

You'll find all the infrastructure needed to live a comfortable life—including international-standard healthcare. Surrounded by three national parks, this spot is a nature-lover's haven…and truly postcard-picture beautiful.

But that's just the beginning of what it has to offer. The welcoming and diverse expat community consists of people from Europe, the Americas and Australasia. And there's plenty for everybody to do…

Golfers have eight quality golf courses to choose from, including several that are at international-competition standard.

You can play tennis or badminton, take yoga and you'll find several fitness facilities to suit your preference and budget.

Water sports including kitesurfing, paddle boarding and surf skiing are readily available and two water slide parks will keep kids old and young active all day.

“Our monthly budget here is $2,400,” says expat Michael C. “That includes groceries, eating out and entertainment, utilities, telephones, WiFi, basic local healthcare and all the other usual incidentals.

“Add to that the annual expenses like health insurance, car and house insurance and the like. We live very comfortably here…and we do it for less than a third of what we were spending back in Australia.”

Rental properties of every conceivable option are available here at the beach and longer-term rentals (six-plus months) offer the most attractive pricing. It's possible to secure a two-bedroom, two-bathroom fully furnished apartment in a new complex with air-con, WiFi and a large on-site resort style pool for $200 per week.

An Island Getaway with Sun, Sand and Easy Living for Less

And that's not the only great-value beach retreat this country—which takes first place in our rankings—has to offer. Another escape is just an island-hop away, a spot where you'll find everything a tropical paradise is supposed to offer: diving, fishing, glorious white-sand beaches.

It's also big enough to boast five hospitals, dozens of seaside towns and over 25 beaches, ranging from the secluded to those packed with tourists. It's exotic island living with all the familiar conveniences of home—which makes for an easy transition if you decide to retire there.

Roaring waterfalls that tumble down jagged rocks…national parks full of exotic flora and fauna…colourful local markets…award-winning golf courses (only $94 for 18 holes)…postcard-worthy lookout points. You'd never be bored here.

As one couple who has made this island home for the past eight years put it, “…the island exhibits a unique charm of affordable affluence coupled with a non-harried, laidback lifestyle, which is fanned by beautiful tropical vistas in all directions.”

With direct flights from Australia, this tropical locale earns points for accessibility and convenience, too.

Plus, the best part is that everything is ridiculously affordable even if you're on a small budget—couples report living well on around $2,800 a month, all in.

Here you can find exceptionally affordable rental deals like a cosy, fully furnished, one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment just a 10 minute walk from the beach for $539 a month. Or a brand new, fully furnished, two-storey, two-bedroom townhouse a 10-minute drive from the beach can be found for as little as $760 a month.

This island is the kind of place where you can play golf all day, have sundown cocktails on the beach and then eat dinner with the locals at a food market (there are fresh seafood markets scattered about, where you can pick the local daily catch and have them grill it right there).

Food is cheap, delicious and there are plenty of international options. You can find pork chops ($10.60), steaks ($13.90), authentic homemade Italian pizza ($9.50) and pasta ($6.95). It's perfect if you want the comforts of home, at a fraction of the cost.

The low cost of living on the island allows for the added bonuses that aren't so affordable back home. A full-time helper who will clean and cook costs $485 a month, or if you just need someone to tidy for you hourly, that'll set you back about $6.50.

A general doctor's visit is usually under $14 and a dental cleaning is $15. Plus it's just easy to live a more healthy lifestyle—the sun is out all the time, so you go out. You walk. You relax. It's a prescription for less stress and better health…without really trying.

An Arts-Rich University Town Where Quality of Life is High, Costs Are Low

But our #1 pick offers much more than beach living. If you're looking for a cooler alternative, you might like a university town we recommend where temperatures average from the low to mid 20s.

It's a very laidback kind of place. People take the time to stop and smile and to ask how you are. Life here can be so relaxed that every day feels like a Sunday.

This is a vibrant town full of colour and home to many artists. Its 'Old City' is surrounded by a 15th-century moat with large majestic gates, evidence of the city's rich history. It's packed with cafes, international eateries and bookshops.

The expat community is large and hosts several weekly activities catering for all sorts of interests…dance classes and meet ups, theatre workshops, yoga, martial arts, language exchange, board games, hiking groups…you name it! This makes it is easy to build a community and a group of friends.

One local expat reports that, even with a lifestyle that includes visits to restaurants, events in the many top hotels and other social functions—her monthly budget is only around $1,400. Compared to Australia, she reports, water and electricity are very affordable. She says, “I spend a little less than $500 on bills per month; this includes strata fees, water, electricity, WiFi and Pay TV.”

Another says, “I love the deep artistic spirit of the city; walls and fences of buildings and streets are splashed with the vibrant murals of talented local painters… Most importantly, the cost of living is incredibly affordable and convenient… You can find modern, fully-furnished studio apartments with a swimming pool, cleaning service and air conditioning for around $400 a month.”

Looking for a Beach Town? Your Perfect Haven Could Well Be on This List

Our #1 pick has a lot to recommend it, no question…

…yet it's just one of the 15 top overseas retirement havens we compare, contrast, rank and rate in International Living Australia's 2019 Global Retirement Rankings.

“Spend less, live better” is a theme the people who've relocated to all our top choices return to again and again.

“We live a life we couldn't have had back home,” expats regularly report. “If we were still there…we'd be working, at least part-time and constantly worrying.”

Instead, from the country that takes the second spot in our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings, you could live a very comfortable lifestyle on a small budget.

In fact, lots of people just like you already are. In this place, a couple can live comfortably for $2,000 a month, including rent.

“Our cost of living is one third of what it was before,” says Keith H., “we enjoy average daily temperatures of 27 degrees year-round and English is widely spoken…

“My apartment is a 220-square-metre, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with access to a pool, small gym, 24-hour security and two car parking spaces. My wife Lisa and I pay $850 a month for that—expansive views of the hillsides included. You can find cheaper, too, as little as $600 a month for a perfectly liveable and decent place.”

He's not alone in his enthusiasm for the high-end lifestyle he can enjoy with prices so low…

“Altogether, we spend around $2,550 per month, but you could get by on much less than that,” says 56-year-old Christine H. of her and her husband Steve's life in this great-value country. “Our monthly budget covers rent, doctors, leasing a car, petrol and all the incidentals…spending about $65 is more than ample for two people to eat dinner out and includes alcohol. For a really top-end meal, it would cost the two of us less than $100.”

Speaking value for money, the quality of life in this Southeast Asian haven is hard to beat.

Life here is just so easy. You'll get by in English without much of a hitch. If you chose to drive, you'll find the roads are excellent. And you'll have no problem locating high-speed internet.

Healthcare is world class—doctors speak English and you can see a specialist for as little as $28 without any need for an appointment. You just turn up.

It's the same with dentists. In fact, nearly a million of foreigners make their way to this country for medical holidays every year.

As one regular patient from Australia puts it, “You expect the level of comfort and professionalism to be reflected in the final price, but it isn't.” The costs in this country are a small fraction of what you'd pay at home.

A crown, for instance, costs just $350 in our #2 overseas retreat, compared to $1,200 in Australia. An implant is just $1,800…but it would cost $7,000 in Australia.

All that said, good values are just the beginning of the benefits that come with our second-place winner. You'll find a pleasant variety in all the different locales where you might relocate—whether you're looking for a full-time escape or just a place to spend a few months each year. You have your pick of coastal escape or highland, small town or big city.

There are pristine beaches and castaway islands to explore by yacht. Fancy a break from the heat? Spend time in the cooler hills, where you can get a taste of the local strawberries or enjoy afternoon tea—a legacy of English colonists.

An Easy, Warm, Welcoming Haven

It's easy to get to—non-stop, return flights from Melbourne can go for less than $250. It's easy to settle in, too and that's partly down to a local population that's already remarkably diverse.

“I feel welcome,” says expat Kirsten R. “People here are so honest, I have been chased down the street by vendors trying to return change or been told we've paid too much and refunded.”

It's clean. The roads are swept, public buildings and the gardens are immaculately kept.

The country's special visa designed to attract foreign retirees makes it simple to gain residence and it comes with perks like duty-free import of a car and your household goods.

Those are all the “logical” reasons why this nation is in second place in our rankings…but they aren't the only reasons we recommend this place.

As Keith put it, “Compared to my stressful, money-focused situation back home, where we never seemed to get ahead no matter how much money I earned, [here] I have plenty of time to live my life and to enjoy the things that I want to do. I work out four days a week, I kayak twice a week and I mountain bike at weekends. I do some freelance writing work when I want to, choose the hours that I want to work and am currently working on my third book.”

Live Rich…but Spend Much Less

This is a place where the cost of living is so low, you really can afford to “live rich.”

In one spot we like, for instance, there's a fine country club to join—a five-star facility. It has an excellent sailing section, with a good selection of sailing and motorboats that you can use when you join. It also has a well-stocked Scuba section, an Olympic pool with a six-metre deep end, a fabulous library, a state of the art gym, squash and tennis courts and a number of good restaurants. A transferable membership—you can sell it when you leave—costs just $8,500 once off, per couple. Club fees run at about $20 per month. A similar club in Australia would cost about $30,000.

Even in the cosmopolitan capital, you can trade up to a more lavish life…and spend less than it would cost you to stay home.

In this city, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do. It's a hive of activity, with a dizzying range of restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment venues, museums, parks and the well-regarded Philharmonic Orchestra.

All that, yet a couple can live comfortably on $2,000 a month and extravagantly on $3,330

a month, including rent. Basic utility bills can vary significantly depending how much you use your air conditioners, but monthly bills under $70 for a couple are common. Water bills are laughably cheap, typically less than $4 a month.

In yet another community—this one situated at the tip of a lush peninsula (but just a bridge away from a bustling city)—you're off the traveller's radar screen. But while few people have heard of this escape, expats living there say they absolutely love it.

A well-established expat group makes it easy to settle in, make friends and learn the lay of the land. This place is among the best-kept options for good-value living.

You can understand why immediately when you see it. Pedestrian streets, ornate streetlights and trendy bistros have breathed new life into the Old Town in recent years and at the same time, shopping centres and upscale subdivisions are popping up everywhere, giving this tidy community an unmistakable upwardly mobile appeal.

Jodie and Paul G. decamped from Port Macquarie, Australia to trade up to a better lifestyle in this community. Now they're spending about one-third what they did back home…but living much better than they did back in Australia.

“We live in a four-bedroom penthouse apartment in a complex with three restaurants, a bar, tennis and squash courts, a pool and sauna and a shopping centre just across the road. The rent is only $1,600 a month.”

Since most of their cooking is done at home, they spend around $600 per month on groceries and $120 per month for a maid who not only cleans, but does most of their shopping and cooking. The remainder of their budget goes toward utilities, internet and incidentals.

But you don't have to spend that much to enjoy a truly upscale lifestyle. For instance, consider an 87-square-metre, furnished, two-bedroom apartment. It's on a high floor with a good view of the city. The $669 monthly rental includes a swimming pool, gym and security. It's within walking distance of one of the malls, which has some of the community's best shopping and restaurants.

Simplifying, Relaxing, Creating the Retirement You Dream of

The values in our #3 finisher in International Living Australia's 2019 Global Retirement Rankings are just as compelling…and this pick comes with a “new frontier” flair.

This is a country where you can easily slash your cost of living…improve your quality of life…and do it all in a country that still hasn't been discovered by masses of international visitors, expats and retirees.

That's one of the reasons this place remains so incredibly affordable.

Expats say, again and again, that costs in this “new frontier” country are shockingly low.

For example, in one lovely beach city we've got our eye on, two people would have no difficulty finding a comfortable, furnished home that's a five-minute walk from the beach, paying utilities and a housekeeper, eating dinner out every night, buying groceries and having plenty of money left for incidental expenses, for well under $1,300 per month.

And not only is this beach city so affordable, it also welcomes visitors from all over the world with open arms.

Carol M, 63, lives here with her husband, Dan. And it's friendliness of the people that most surprised her.

“People really want us, as foreigners, to have a good experience here and they go out of their way to be helpful to us and show us a lot of friendliness, care and concern,” she says.

“The younger people really enjoy getting to know people of my age. They want to spend time with us. All our friends here are the age of our kids. It keeps you young.”

In another mountain town we've got our eye on here, the cost of living is so cheap, you may have a hard time spending your money - even if you prefer to eat at restaurants every day!

“We find that it's a lot more expensive for us to cook our own food, when we can go to a place and get a big bowl of meat, eggs, noodles and vegetables—a really filling meal that tastes so good—for just 86 cents,” says expat Chris S.

So you can see how it can be easy here to upgrade your lifestyle and gain the luxuries of a rich-man's retirement…but do it on a tradesman's budget.

And it's not just the prices that appeal…after all, just because a place is cheap, doesn't make it attractive. It's the fact that you can put any money worries behind you and, at the same time, lead the sort of life you always dreamed about but may have figured was entirely out of reach.

“We are surrounded by beauty unlike anything that we have ever seen: a turquoise ocean, a green city and the entire area is ringed in by mountains,” says Robin B., who now lives here with her husband, Mark.

“I'm so much more peaceful and less stressed now—living here has made me a happier, healthier person

“People are very friendly here,” says Grace B., who retired here with her husband, James, in 2015.

“Recently, some kids invited us to go to a school dance. It was so much fun. Apart from the English church services that we attend, our social life is almost totally with local friends we've made.”

“The people have been delightful everywhere we've been,” says Claire G., now living here with her husband, Stephen.

In this #3 Retirement Haven for 2019, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to climate and locale.

A wide variety of options in this spectacular, affordable country

Here you'll find white sand beaches that stretch for kilometres in each direction…shimmering blue seas…towering limestone islands in an almost otherworldly marine setting…cool hill towns famous for fresh strawberries, wine and coffee…UNESCO World Heritage Sites…plus several big cities with all the modern amenities you could ever want…

And if you like the idea of having “springtime” weather year-round, 12 months of “toss a sweater over your shoulders” temperatures…then you'll be happy to learn that in this place you have excellent choices…all kinds of communities to pick from…

Like one mountain town known for its quirky French art-deco style. It offers surprisingly-cheap prices on just about everything - even when compared to other areas of the country. Here you can enjoy great bargains like a big bowl of rice and curry for just $1.17, or a plate of fried rice for just $1.46, tea included!

And if you want to live here, you can rent a supremely affordable place like a modern and comfortable 150-square-metre furnished house in a quiet, residential neighbourhood with secure parking, a huge, well-equipped kitchen, spacious bathrooms and beautiful wood-floored bedrooms for just $468 per month.

If you prefer an ocean breeze, palm trees, white-sand beaches and quiet turquoise waters…you can have that at a great price, too.

“My partner and I live very well on $1,200 a month. I'll get facials and massages… We don't have to think about what we spend,” says Samantha C., from the Sunshine Coast, now living in a beach city popular with expats.

“Our home is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom single-level house on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean. We have lots of windows, tile floors and a large, paved yard. On a one-year lease our rent is just $357 a month.” (In Sydney, you'd pay at least $3,600 for something comparable!)

“We came here to relax on the beautiful beaches, eat some awesome seafood and enjoy the lovely climate,” says Brisbane native Eileen, 54, who now lives here with her husband, Stephen.

“It's such a relaxed atmosphere, we've just fallen in love with it. We have a three-bedroom, western-style apartment just one street off the beach, we can stand on our balcony and watch the waves. The building has 24-hour security and a swimming pool. We pay $742 per month.”

The couple also have a housekeeper who cleans their place twice a week and only charges $38 per month; add that to the costs for their food, utilities, motorbike, eating every lunch and most dinners out and the occasional splurge and they live well on just $1,079 per month.

Great values, comfortable climates, plenty to do…

All this and more is why day-to-day living seems remarkably easy and convenient in this country.

Often people assume they'll have to endure huge trade offs when they go overseas. But with our 2019 #3 top retirement pick, that's just not the case.

To be sure, no place is exactly like Australia…but that said, expats agree: This is a remarkably easy place to live…

In this overseas gem of a country, healthcare is reliable and affordable. As one expat explained, “Healthcare is inexpensive. Several new hospitals have opened, bringing international-standard healthcare. And many Australians come here specifically to take advantage of the high-quality, low-cost dental care.”

It's easy to stay long-term here, too, when you apply for the right visa. This can be done online for a relatively small fee.

So right off the bat, it's a good place to spend six to 12 months a year overseas should you choose to do so, with no major bureaucratic hoop-jumping required.

Live Like Royalty On An Exotic Tropical Locale

In another destination that earns top billing in this year's 2019 Global Retirement Rankings, you'll find plenty of world-class beaches, a thriving expat community and incredibly friendly, welcoming locals.

They'll not only greet you with a smile and will go way out of their way to make visitors, expats and retirees feel at home…but they also display a truly impressive devotion to the region's incredibly rich history, culture and traditions…

What's more, this tropical retreat offers a warm climate year-round, a fun-filled atmosphere and a very affordable cost of living.

For as little as $1,590 (or less) per month - including rent - you can live like royalty here.

“I feel like it's a high quality of life,” says one Queenslander who lives here part-time with his wife.

“It's easygoing, there's access to all the important services and I get to spend my days with my beloved and being creative. I'm living for life now. Every day feels special like we're on holiday. I get to swim in the tropical ocean and my biggest worry is having a coconut fall on my head.”

“I save hundreds of dollars each month by being here, says expat Bill S., who also lives here part-time.

“The cost of food, entertainment and beer is a fraction of the cost of Australia. I can find my favourite local dish (stir-fried egg noodles with seafood and vegetables) anywhere for $3, my beloved avocado juice for $1 and beer for $2.50!”

If you love water sports, then this is the place for you. You can indulge your passion for scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, fishing and swimming.

Here, everyone is relaxed. It's a laidback vibe. And no one is in a rush.

“My morning walk around the streets where we live takes me by watermelon farms and rice paddies. The aroma of incense fills the air as the locals leave small, colourful offerings on the streets”, says one Sydneysider who relocated here with her husband several years ago.

“When I get back, we breakfast at home on fresh fruit and yogurt or stroll down to our local cafe and enjoy a smashed avocado on toast and some of the best coffee I've ever tasted. Then we just see where the day takes us. I still have days where I pinch myself, not believing we're actually living our dream”

Explore Your Best Options in Europe

If it's a European retreat you've always dreamed of…you'll find those on our list of top picks, too.

In one warm-weather escape, you'll find sleek highways and fibre-optic communication alongside vineyards that yield fat, green grapes and goats that graze on lush meadowlands.

Healthcare is top-notch but low-cost and easy to access.

Internet and public transport is reliable throughout the country.

And with 799 kilometres of magnificent shoreline and about 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, this classic “Old World” European haven will satisfy even the most avid sun-worshiper.

Yet it's much more affordable than you may think…

For example, here you can go to any farmers' market and take home five kilos of vegetables for just a few dollars. Local sardines, mussels and sea bass are also just a few dollars per kilo. You can enjoy an excellent table wine for under $5. And casual dining out costs less than $20 per person at most for typical cuisine and plenty of it, with a glass of wine and dessert included.

In short, if you've ever dreamt of living in Europe, this affordable, sun-dappled country could be perfect for you.

As one happy expat couple here put it,

“Our life here is simple. Every morning we relax and enjoy a large mug of coffee while listening to the sounds of the ocean and the chiming of church bells and watching the farmers working their land through our bedroom window. Fresh bread at less than $1 a loaf is delivered to our door each morning and no matter what time we seem to wake up, there it is waiting for us at our gate.”

A couple living in toward the southern end of the country could live comfortably on as little as $2,538 a month. And this monthly budget includes renting a fully-furnished two-bedroom apartment for just $617.

And in some places we know of here, you could live well for even less—about $2,314 a month—and find even better bargains…like the three-bedroom apartment one of our scouts discovered in the city voted the “best city to live in the entire country” for just $386 a month!

And that's not the only unsung European hideaway we'll draw to your attention in our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings.

There's an overlooked jewel of a town on the Riviera, for instance, which you should know about. A typical morning might include a leisurely walk through the bustling central market, where the air is rich with the scents of spices, dried lavender and the freshest local fruits and vegetables. Vendors and customers chat about the weather, the coming harvest and the local rugby team…

You'd be hard-pressed to find a prettier place to embrace the local concept of doing nothing with your day but enjoying yourself. This is a town surrounded by well-known (and expensive) communities…but this unsung escape is neither.

For starters, you can rent a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment (80 square metres) within a 10-minute bus ride of the city's beaches for $1,235. It includes all amenities, a terrace and a sea view.

International Living Australia's 2019 Global Retirement Rankings reveals a tremendous variety of retirement solutions for somebody looking to live better for less overseas. We rank, rate, compare and contrast a full 15 countries worth your consideration today.

Maybe you're in the market for a part-time escape…or maybe you're looking for a full-time adventure…perhaps you dream about a day when you can see the ocean out your window…or live within sight of the mountains in a place where the sun shines and the weather is cool…

Whatever you dream about…in the destinations profiled in our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings…you could find a new reality. A lot sooner—and a lot more affordably—than you may imagine.

So Let Me Give You a Little Assignment…

Now to be honest, the decision about where you live is not always readily subject to logical analysis. In the end, it's about where you feel good. It's about finding the place that's just, well, a good fit.

So here's a little task for you. You start imagining your ideal retreat.

And while you're busy musing…we'll sort out for you the “logical” concerns. Like where your dollars buy you most…where the weather is best…where the locals are friendliest…where it's most comfortable…where the healthcare is both excellent and affordable…and more.

In fact, we've just spent the past few months concentrating on exactly this task.

Our staff has been travelling, crunching statistics and talking with our contacts and correspondents around the world…all in the interest of compiling our picks for the world's top retirement havens.

It should be said: In an era when most news outlets have slashed their budgets and cut their overseas bureaus…we put our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings together “the old fashioned way.”

That is to say: We put boots on the ground…

Is it subjective? You bet. We rely on the informed judgment and real-world experience of in-country expats…people just like you who have made the move and learned all their lessons the hard way. They live in the countries they're an expert in. And they've been there long enough to get under the skin of their host nation and provide us with real understanding about what it's like to live there.

As I said, where you end up is really as much about feeling as it is thought. When it comes right down to it, only you can decide what will make you happy.

But we can point you to the places that are likely to suit you best. (And be easiest on your wallet, too.)

Our annual Global Retirement Rankings lists the best places in the world to retire overseas today.

It'll point you to the places most worth your attention…and, most importantly, save you the trouble, time, frustration and expense of trying to figure that out on your own.

Here at International Living, we've been showing readers where to go for four decades now. So we know the questions to ask, we know the critical issues to consider.

We take the time and invest the funds…so you don't have to.

We certainly have a lot of useful ideas, on-the-ground research and practical information that can help you on your way.

But where things like your super, pension and tax considerations are concerned, we're unable to give you personal advice. We recommend you check with Centrelink, your fund and the ATO before you make any firm travel plans.

But right now, I'd like to give you our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings—FREE—to help narrow down your choices so you can see what's best for you.

I'll tell you how to get your copy in just a minute. But first, I want to be clear about one thing. It's the one, big, fundamental idea that drives this ranking. It's our belief that…

You Don't Need to Be Rich to Enjoy a Pampered Retirement… You Just Need to Know Where to Go

In one of our top picks—a place of old world charm—a couple could easily live comfortably for $2,330 a month (including rent). Though, in fact, we know retirees there living simply for half that. With a budget twice as large, you could live like royalty.

(To put this in perspective, research shows that to live comfortably in Australia in retirement, a couple would need $5,050 a month—at least. And that's just to live comfortably—no splurging. But in the right places overseas, those funds could easily provide luxuries and conveniences that would be well out of your reach at home. Like a housekeeper once a week, regular holidays, dinners out anytime and more…)

One couple living overseas right now says that back home, “we were spoiled by the warm climate and beautiful beaches. Retirement would—or should—have given us time to enjoy all that more fully. And yet we had no realistic chance of retiring anywhere near a beach.

“Looking back now, we're glad we needed to look elsewhere to fulfil our retirement dreams. Otherwise, the chance of living in one of the most beautiful and exotic retirement havens in the world might have passed us by.”

Kiplinger's Personal Finance put it this way:

For retirees with a sense of adventure and a taste for the good life—even if they lack a bank account to match—a change in latitude might be the perfect plan.”

I think that's right…and that's why we put our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings together. To give you the specific guidance you need to find the place that's right for you.

The Best—and Easiest—Way to Target Your Search for the Perfect Paradise

In the 2019 Global Retirement Rankings, we consider each destination by category: buying and renting, benefits and discounts, visas and residence, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, healthy lifestyle, infrastructure and climate. And we include a full report on the top picks.

Point being: This resource gives you a well-rounded view of each place. It's not just facts. It's the perspective we bring to them.

And that's what's so important. Because everybody is different. And what's a priority for you might not be for somebody else.

Say you're of “retirement” age and looking for a place to stretch your savings. The cost of living and the availability of good-quality, affordable healthcare might be your top concerns.

On the other hand, if you're in your thirties or forties with school-aged children, their education and the ease with which you can do business locally might be more important to you.

Or maybe you're in the market today for a place you could visit regularly for now and perhaps retire to eventually…so you're looking for a spot that's easy to get in and out of, where the weather is good…

No matter what your own personal priorities are, you can use our 2019 Global Retirement Rankings to easily home in on the places that make sense for you and your situation, your priorities.

It is a powerful tool.

Take A Sneak Peek…

You'll find details about all the top picks—and right now, I'd like to make you a special offer that hands you full access to the brand-new 2019 Global Retirement Rankings at no charge.

All I ask in exchange is that you take a look at our monthly magazine, International Living Australia.

You already know something about International Living Australia since you get our free daily Postcards. But what you may not realise is that these emailed dispatches are just the beginning. There's always a lot more to every story.

In fact, there's a whole world of ideas and benefits that we reserve exclusively for readers of our magazine. Our annual Global Retirement Rankings is just one of them.

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Here at International Living, we've been covering this beat for more than three and a half decades. When TV news reporters or publications like the Sydney Morning Herald or the New York Times need an expert opinion about alternative retirement solutions and the places where retirees can get the best value for money…they call us.

That's because every month International Living Australia is jam-packed with insider secrets, how-to advice, useful contacts you can call or email and real-world recommendations for saving money, making money with a portable income, living better, embracing adventure and enjoying life more overseas…

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In 1984, we told readers about an investment on the Samara Bay in Costa Rica. Back then, you could get in for between $2,500 and $5,000. Today, that investment would be worth $192,000.

In the 1990's, we pointed readers to this kind of play again in Belize…and watched as the values soared. A reader who bought on the tropical, palm-lined island of Ambergris for $39,000 back then could sell for $249,000 today.

And we're still delivering deals like that—the places with opportunities you could profit from today…

From Chiang Mai, Thailand…to Canggu, Bali…to Da Nang, Vietnam…we look for spots where tourism is starting to boom, expats are starting to settle, values are good, the locals are friendly, the weather is warm and you're within easy reach of home. And we show you how to take advantage of the situation to get in ahead of the crowds.

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn,
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